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Review: The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake (The Kahl'Nar Saga, #1) by Mary Parker

Secrets and lies, secrets and lies, she can’t get the truth, no matter how many tries.

The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake is what I would call a paranormal mystery, and a major part of that mystery was figuring out what kind paranormal she was! I will give Mary Parker this; she kept this reader guessing till the big reveal about midway through the book.

It had a slow start (lots of background that was need later), but they were short chapters. It wasn’t until about chapter 8 where things started to pick up and get really interesting. Now I’m a real stickler for endings and this one did not disappoint. Leaving me feeling like my new friend would be ok, but wetting my appetite for more.
P.S. – any book that uses the phrases, “I digress”, and “the redheaded stepchild” has my attention. I keep looking for a “feeling a little verklempt” but sadly it was not to be found maybe next time. 3.5 fairies
Goodreads Synopsis 
I'm a normal teenager. I have a normal teenage life with normal teenage problems. The summer is my heaven. I live with my mom during the summer months. We stay in her tiny condo in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents split up when I was little. I'm not sure why. My mom never talks about it. Whatever it was, it was bad enough to make my mom pack me up in the middle of the night when I was four years old and run to my Gran's condo. My mom got the condo after Gran died. From that time on all I had known my entire life was beach life. Until four years ago. Until my uncle found me.
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 What other reviewers are saying about this enjoyable read:

U.K.-based book blog, Much Loved Books, observes that "Leeowyn is portrayed as an average, down-to-earth person, and this makes it easy to believe her thoughts and feelings. And even when she is no longer average you still want to cheer her on with whatever tasks she has to do."
Writing from Romania, reviewer Cristina Buzoianu from the Bibliophile Mystery book blog says, "In the beginning, Lee is a normal teenager, coping with normal problems, then, gradually, she starts to evolve and uncover little by little the uncommon truth of her destiny. At the same time The story changes into one full of originality and unexpected turns. Even if she isn’t ready for what’s out there, she takes her role seriously, without losing a single drop of her charisma, or her teenage sense of humor."

"I really wasn't expecting this awesome new world...a world so complex and so wonderfully built, that I really don't have the right words to describe it," enthuses U.S.-based Ruby's Books blog. "You have mystery, you have lots of fantasy, suspense, a little bit of horror even, a little thread of romance, a hint of sadness and some very funny moments. This is one of those books that reminded me why I fell in love with reading. The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake will keep you on the edge of your chair and at the end, leave you thirsty for more."
"Oh. My. Gosh. This book was fantastic!!! The Awakening of Leeowyn Blake is a mix of paranormal, fantasy, mystery, romance…. Gosh, just everything!!!" declares teenage book reviewer Catherine Coffman in the Cat's Thoughts book blog. "There’s so much that goes on in this book that I can’t even describe it, it was seriously awesome. I was so impressed that I can’t even explain it, and I never wanted to put it down!"


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