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Cover Reveal & Preorder: Table by ML Nystrom

An unwavering heart and an honest soul. Title: Table Author:ML Nystrom Genre: MC Romance Series: Dragon Runners, bk 4 Release Date: December 15, 2018 Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith

Preorder for $1.99! 
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Intimidating and living by a strong code of ethics, Table’s integrity is unwavering, as is his ironclad will when it comes to safeguarding those he cares about. He’s the man to guard your back, shelter you in time of need, and be the shield.

Just don’t ever lie to him.

Table’s life is turned upside down when he unexpectedly discovers he’s a dad. Trying to navigate his life as a single father to a baby girl, he takes a break from his Dragon Runners MC brothers, moving to the family farm.

When Table meets nomadic Lori, who trades work on the farm for rent, he’s as intrigued as he is wary. She’s a woman who wears her attitude like armor. And despite her fierce independence, Table can see the fear dan…

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Dead in the Pond by Dahlia Donovan

Author:Dahlia Donovan Title:Dead in the Pond
Series: The Grasmere Cottage Mystery Trilogy, #2 Genre: Gay Romantic Cosy Mystery
Release Date: October 13, 2018 Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith On sale for 99c! Amazon US: All other links: Join bestselling author Dahlia Donovan on a cosy mystery adventure in Grasmere Cottage Mystery book two. With love, wit, and a murder to solve, life for Valor and Bishan continues to be blinkin' complicated in this sweet gay romance.

Killer on the loose? Check.

Frogs in the garden? Check.

Playing a twisted game with a killer? Not good.

Bishan Tamboli struggles to recover from his false arrest. He worries the police still aren’t as convinced about his innocence. With his longtime boyfriend, Valor, at his side, he intends to solve the puzzles and catch the murderer amongst their former schoolmates.

He’s fought hard for his independence as an autistic and refuses to throw it all away because…

Release Tour & Giveaway: An Irish Flirtation by Louisa Masters

"A lighthearted funny tale that will keep you smiling..."
~ Barbara, Goodreads Review
Author: Louisa Masters Title: An Irish Flirtation
Genre: Paranormal Romance Stand-alone Novella
A high-society wedding planner, a hunky best man, and an enchanted elevator… who can resist An Irish Flirtation?
Jillian Baxter has worked hard to build her event planning business, and this wedding is proof that she’s made it. The problem? The bride redefines bridezilla. After months of work, Jillian now has three weeks to move a huge society wedding from New York to an Irish castle.
Luckily, Castle Tullamore Hotel is available. Although… it’s a bit odd. When Jillian arrives and meets the groom’s brother, Fin, it’s almost like magic steps in. She knows bridezilla would never stand for fraternization, but despite doing her best to keep her distance, Jillian finds herself unable to resist Fin… especially in that damn elevator! Amazon: iBooks: Nook: http:/…

Review: Surrender by Rachel M. Raithby

The bestselling saga continues!Title:Surrender Author:Rachel M. Raithby Series:The Deadwood Hunter #4
Genre:Paranormal romance Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: Cured and returning to her own life, Alice remains damaged. Two years later, and in her mind, she's still there—caught in a war she had no place in. When her worst fear turns into reality, instead of seeking help, Alice heads down the road to self-destruction, running from all she's known and loved.

As soon as lion shifter Jared meets Alice, he’s compelled to help her. What he doesn't realize is that he's as lost as she is. Their chance meeting leads them to a path of danger, love, and self-discovery.

Blood will be spilled, friendships reborn, and buried emotions will be unearthed.

Read this next installment of the Deadwood Hunter series and find out if life really can go on after war.
Amazon US: Amazon UK:…

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Road to Addison by Veronica Arevalo

Title: Road to Addison Author:Veronica Arevalo Series: Leading Road, book 1 Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 12, 2018 Cover Designer:RMGraphX

AVAILABLE NOW! Warren: At fourteen I made a choice that changed my life. For the last eight years I’ve held on to the fear of being left behind. I never thought I would find love. Never believed I would find someone who would change the course of my life. But it wasn’t just my life. It was my son’s too.
Addison: Worthless, unwanted, starved. That was what I grew up feeling. Grew up being told. I gave up on the white picket fence and Prince Charming at an early age. I only ever felt worthy of my sisters’ and grandparents’ love. Could I fight for my own self-worth? Could I have Prince Charming? The baby I dreamed of?
Will Warren face this fear and fight for what he desires? Can Addison overcome her past to make her dreams come true? Will they work together for what might be their forever? Amazon | iTunes | Kobo
Barnes & Noble | Smashw…

New Release & Giveaway: The Changeup by Mary Billiter

Title: The Changeup Author:Mary Billiter Genre: Romantic Mystery Release Date: October 23, 2018 Series: Resort Romances #6 (Complete stand-alone series) Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith  On sale for half price!  Amazon: All links: A hot deputy, a woman in hiding, and a murder that changes it all. True love and the truth are often at odds in Mary Billiter’s latest installment in her resort romance series.
The Feds changed her name, occupation, and location, but Cupid and crime still found her. Both Witness Protection and her position as a hotel conference services manager require Rebel Roberts to maintain a low profile. But when she finds herself at the center of high crime and high romance at the high-rise Point Resort in Long Beach, even the best-laid plans are subject to change.
Former college baseball pitcher Ryan McHenry plans on becoming a deputy sheriff like his late uncle. But when Rebel literally stumbles on a…