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Book Blast: Skin Deep - Trista Jaszczak

Title: Skin Deep

Author: Trista Jaszczak

Genre: BDSM/Erotica

Release Date: July 31, 2015

Print Length: 241 pages

ASIN: B00Z1I5006

Cover Artist: Shoutlines Designs

WARNING: This story contains female submission, a Daddy Dom/babygirl relationship, hot oral sex scenes, and the beginning of an erotic BDSM lifestyle. This is intended for mature (18+) audiences only. Lola’s top priority in life has always been her tattoo parlor, Skin Deep and for years all she has wanted was for it to succeed. But when two of her employees decide to venture to bigger cities for a change of pace she is devastated and finding replacements proves to be both difficult and stressful. When she does hire River Hawthorne she knows that there is something different about him and whatever it is, she finds it attractive. What she doesn’t know is what River is about to do to her…Or just how much time she’ll spend on her knees for him.
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Cover Reveal: Newly Exposed - Meghan Quinn

❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ Title: Newly Exposed Author: Meghan Quinn Genre: New Adult Cover Design: Meghan Quinn Release Date: August 18th, 2015 ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ ❃ Adam James is a corn-fed, Nebraska raised, piece of man meat with a chiseled body and baby face. He is in desperate need of a paycheck and will do just about anything to get one, including stripping down to his skivvies and lathering up in baby oil. Solo Cohan is a quirky hipster with a strong work ethic,raised by two gay dads who are head over heels in love with Harrison Ford and Star Wars, hence the name, Solo. She works for Teeg Model Management, the same modeling agency that decides to book Adam as their next up and coming model. Sparks ignite between her and Adam the minute her baby oil soaked hand connects with his practically naked body. Even though Solo can't stop thinking about Adam during photo shoots, she quickly and awkwardly, shows Adam her distaste for male models and her inability to engage romantically with them. Adam is captivated…

Tour: Weakened & Wrapped by Juliet Braddock

Weakened Manhattan Bound Series #1 By Juliette Braddock Cover Design: WLK Media Synopsis Against the glittering backdrop of New York City, budding theatrical publicist Maxine Kirk, fresh off the bus from a small Pennsylvania town, stumbles into the arms of her beloved teenage crush, unleashing desires that she never imagined. Enter Drew McKenzie, a rising star on Broadway with dashing looks and talent to match, who masquerades behind the characters he portrays. Instantly, Maxine finds herself lured into Drew’s high society world only to uncover a complicated man beneath the glitz and glamour of his public persona. As soon as the curtain falls, Drew sheds his stage costumes to reveal a daring Dominant side. Titillated by his enigmatic life, Maxine clamors to discover a surreptitious and possibly perilous affair with Drew, all the while questioning her own preconceived notions on romance. Secrets surface, revealing haunting truths that test both Maxine and Drew of their own intentions. …

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Make Me Whole - Kaithlin Shepherd

Love has the power to mend one body, two minds, and make them whole again.
Title:  Make Me Whole Author: Kaithlin Shepherd Release Date:  TBA Genre: Contemporary Romance with a hint of Cowboy Cover Designer: Claire Smith  PublisherHot Tree Publishing

Take the journey with the oldest Callaway brother as he finds and fights for true love.
Surviving the unimaginable, Jamie Caldwell finds herself at a crossroads. Her only chance at a full recovery sends her to Montana. Anxious but determined, Jamie is resolute on her mission to break free from her past, leading her into the care of Cole Callaway. Instantly, everything changes. Jamie knows the cowboy has the ability to help fight her demons, but opening up to him also gives him the power she’s just not ready to relinquish.
Returning from Afghanistan a different man, Cole Callaway is damaged. His new mission leads him to supporting wounded veterans and helping them get back some of what they’ve lost. With his own demons to battle, every day is a…

Release Day Blitz & Giveaway: The Counting Downers - A.J. Compton

The stunningly poignant and life-affirming debut novel by A.J. Compton
Title: The Counting Downers Author:  A.J. Compton Genre:  New Adult Romance Release Date:  July 24, 2015 Editor:Hot Tree Editing Cover Designer:CT Cover Creations

Imagine if we could see how long everyone around us had left to live. But we weren’t allowed to know our own numbers… Trying to make sense of life after the death of her beloved father, free spirit Matilda Evans meets Tristan Isaacs and discovers a marrow-deep connection with him. No stranger to grief himself, lonely artist Tristan is in awe of Matilda’s fun and philosophical approach to life. With every second spent in her presence, he finds his views on life and loss changing, and begins to embrace the beauty of being alive. As their friendship turns into something deeper, lessons are learned, memories are made, and legacies are created. But with both of them knowing how long their soulmate has left in this lifetime, important questions have to be asked and tough …

Release Blitz: Betrayed by Tara Oakes

Betrayed, Book 3 in the Chianti Kisses series, is now available! SYNOPSIS BETRAYED, is the third and final installment in the CHIANTI KISSES saga that follows the Lombardi and DiBeedetto families through their trials and tribulations. Dom and Vincenza, ( or "Baby V" as he likes to call her)'s, family have been joined since before they were born. Loyalty runs deep... so deep in fact that the two were betrothed- unbeknownst to V, who fell in love with her prince charming before learning the truth about just how "perfect" they were for each other. Dom has proven his love for his Baby V time and time again. In BOSS, the second book in the series, he risked everything to keep her safe and honor the vows he made to her. The decisions and choices he made in order to provide that safety had cost him... cost him dearly. Dom was thrust back into the life and legacy he swore he would never be a part of. Now boss of one of the most powerful crime families on the East Coast,…

Review: Destiny's Fate by Melissa Bell

Destiny's Fate by Melissa Bell
Leah's rating: 4 of 5 stars

Destiny's Fate. I would give this book a four star. It is very well written. It grabbed my attention and held on to it. I would recommend this book to friends and other that like to read. I wish I knew a little more of the characters backgrounds. It would help the story a lot more. I would love to read the rest of the books in this series. Great Read.

Destiny's Fate (Dutiful Gods #1)by(Goodreads Author) 4.62 of 5 stars4.62 · rating details · 26 ratings · 24 reviews Even Destiny is not immune to the manipulation of the Universe, who just happens to be his mother. Will Destiny finally see his fate in the eyes of Zandra? With the energy sizzling between the sheets, until reality reclaims Zandra.

Destiny is blind unable to see outside his realm, he's bored, lonely and beginning to dread his duties. Until he discovers an unconscious woman on his couch. He has no idea where she came from or how she got t…

Cover Reveal: Amanda's Assignment by Dylan Cross

The official cover for Amanda's Assignment.
CAUTION: Amanda's Assignment is erotic literature. As such, graphics and verbiage in this reveal may be explicit in nature.
Whenever Amanda's husband Mark goes out of town, it's playtime for his best friend. Ever since Craig caught Amanda in a compromising situation with the cable guy, he's had his way with her.
Mark has exciting news. He's being considered for a promotion, which will involve less travel time--and, thus, an end to Craig's play. All Mark has to do is interview and hire a replacement for his position.
Craig explains to Amanda that this just won't do. Her mission: to find each candidate and prevent them from keeping their appointments--if Mark can't be promoted, he can't be replaced. For this assignment, Amanda will need creativity, intuition--and, a generous helping of doing what she does best...
Author's Summary:
This is the third installment in the Amanda series. Our heroine,…