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New Release Tour & Giveaway: No Take Backs by Becca Seymour

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Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Pickled Petunia by Dahlia Donovan

Title: Pickled Petunia Author:   Dahlia Donovan Series: Motts Cold Case Mystery, #3 Genre: Cozy Mystery Release Date: November 6, 2021 Publisher:   Tangled Tree Publishing Cover Designer:   BookSmith Design  NOW LIVE!  Amazon US: All Links:   Mystery beckons when a young woman seeks out budding amateur detective Pineapple “Motts” Mottley to find her missing mother in the third novel of the Motts Cold Case Mystery series.  Murder comes to Motts’s doorstep when a stranger asks her to investigate a suspicious disappearance. Past experience tells her to say no yet her curiosity wins out. What’s the harm in asking a few questions?  The missing person case quickly evolves into murder when a body is found in the strangest circumstances. Motts sifts through various suspects and lies, only to come face to face with danger. Things become even more personal when a killer from her childhood makes an unwelcome appearance.   How many close

New Release & Giveaway: Finding the Invisible Woman by Heidi Renee Mason

  Author:   Heidi Renee Mason Title: Finding the Invisible Woman Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: November 23, 2021 Publisher:   Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:   BookSmith Design  NOW LIVE!  Amazon US: All Links: What do you do when no one sees you? How do you find yourself when you’ve become invisible? Forty-three-year-old Hadley Monroe has outgrown her life. Nothing in her world seems to fit anymore. A loving wife and doting mother of two grown daughters, Hadley has always put the needs of her family first, quietly tucking away her own dreams of being an artist. Although she doesn’t regret her choices, Hadley has entered the phase of life where she feels lost.   Her children are grown, and her role as a mother has changed.  Hadley’s husband, Charlie, an attorney and ten years her senior, doesn’t seem to need her anymore either. Hadley loves Charlie with all her heart, but lately, he's been distant, and

Cover Reveal: Cloud Judgement by Kat Wheeler

Author:  Kat Wheeler Title:  Cloud Judgement Series:  Cameron Caldwell #2 Genre:  Cyber Thriller Release Date:  January 11, 2022  How do you catch a murderer who can kill from anywhere? Cameron Caldwell’s life is forever changed. After catching the HomeTech Hub killer and losing her dream job, she’s determined to get her life back on track. Her new consulting business is rough going, but she’s focused on success… and staying far away from any business involving the police. But when she meets a mysterious man who might not be what he appears, there’s only one person she can call for help. Detective Will Justus’s world keeps changing.  There’s a new kind of criminal on the loose, one who doesn’t even need to be at the crime scene to commit murder. Backed into a corner and needing a specific kind of technical help, he decides to reach out to an old friend. Regardless of their rocky relationship, Cameron Caldwell might be the only one who can put the pieces together. Together, they begin t

New Release & Giveaway: Opposed Desires by Katherine McIntyre

  Title:  Opposed Desires Author:   Katherine McIntyre Series:   Rehoboth Pact, #2 Genre:  F/F Romance Release Date:  November 12, 2021 Publisher:   Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:   BookSmith Design  NOW LIVE!  Amazon US: All Links: Closet Romantic falling for the Hookup Queen? Never gonna happen… until one memorable vacation changes it all. When it comes to women, Aubrey Moore believes in no-strings-attached hookups and keeping things simple. On her beach trip, her plan is clear—hit the bars and find single hotties. What she doesn't bargain on is the phone call from her sister. Distraught, Aubrey would like to have a breakdown in private, but the one woman who’s never fallen for her slick lines takes her by surprise and blurs her simple rules. The last thing owner of the Renegades bar, Selina Beckett, expects to see on vacation is Aubrey Moore in the middle of a personal crisis. Every time they meet, they clash—w

Release Giveaway: No Take Backs by Becca Seymour

A uthor: Becca Seymour Book: No Take Backs Release Date: November 10th, 2021 Series: Zone Defense Book 1 Genre: M/M Romance Cover Designer: Booksmith Design Some things you can’t take back. If you say those words, get caught glancing at his bulge, or share a heated kiss, it’s game over. The “no take backs” rule strikes, and there’s no way you can backtrack. That’s the way it’s always been with me and Nate Griffin, my old best friend who thought he could change the rules. It doesn’t matter that time and distance have pulled us apart. I’ve finally figured myself out and yanked my head out of my backside. Now, if only I can drag myself out of the closet and be the man I want to be for Nate… But I’m a pro basketball player who has no desire to be a poster boy. Not only that, Nate and I don’t even live in the same country. Nate, big-hearted guy he is, takes it all in his stride, and I can’t help but wonder if just maybe he’s too good for me. But hell if I can resis

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Of Tails & Mistletoe by Natalina Reis

Author:   Natalina Reis Title:  Of Tails & Mistletoe Series:  Of Magic & Scales, book 3.5 Genre:  Gay Paranormal Romance Release Date:  October 22, 2021 Publisher:   Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:   BookSmith Design  Now Live!  Amazon US: All Links: In this Christmas novella in the Of Magic & Scales series, the usual cast of zany but lovable characters is back to love and to hold the clueless groom on his way to married bliss. With or without the mistletoe. Aiden Mercer is about to become Naël Fouchard's husband. Their Christmas wedding is all the ex-detective can think of now that his life has settled into a comfortable routine and no one is threatening his life or that of those he loves.  But whose bright idea was it to put him in charge of finding a venue for the wedding? Or to give him a case of mertail-napping to solve?  Available now!  Amazon US: Amazon UK: https://amzn