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Review: The Sidekick Chronicles by Stacey Rourke

Goodreads Synopsis Celeste isn't the only member of the Garrett family whose life changed when destiny called. Every sidekick has their tale and in this Gryphon Series short the spotlight is turned on Kendall, Grams and even Gabe. Get an inside look at the hilarious stress that goes along with being a...sidekick.

Sidekicks...ya can't live with 'em and you'd probably die horribly without 'em.
It's always a good start when from the first page you laugh out loud, but when it's constant and throughout a short doesn't get much better than this.

The Sidekick Chronicles is a superbly witty read that whilst short. It very effectively moves The Gryphon Series plot along preparing us for book three, Sacrifice, that will be released November 2012. Allowing the reader to have an insight from  the three 'sidekicks' point of view is a fabulous idea from Stacey Rourke. Whilst they are characters that we've previously fell in love with, having this additi…

Review: Ethan's Story; My Life with Autism by Ethan Rice

Goodreads Synopsis When Ethan Rice was four years old, he was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He decided that he wanted to tell his first grade class that he had autism on his seventh birthday. His parents asked him many questions about what having autism felt like for him and wrote his answers down as a reference for when he told his class. Those answers are now published so more people can understand what it is like to have autism. While each child on the spectrum has unique challenges and strengths, Ethan’s Story; My Life with Autism is Ethan’s own story.
Wow! What a beautiful story!
My Life with Autism is written by Ethan Rice who is 8 years old and lives with autism. This book allows the reader to see the world through Ethan's eyes and offers an insight into his so many thoughts and feelings about being autistic and how other children and adults treat him. The fact that this book is written by an 8 year old is amazing and his conclusion as to why God m…

Thank You GIVEAWAY: Author of the Week

Our 10 week AUTHOR OF THE WEEK Feature finally reached an end at the weekend. The ten amazing authors involved were so very fantastic, and have shared so much with us all. We just wanted to say a very HUGE and very public THANK YOU! All of the authors involved have been so generous and amazing, not only in their amazing gifts, but also in their time.

We also wanted to say a MEGA THANK YOU to all of you guys too. You have shared and participated so much. Without you all the last ten weeks would not have been such an amazing success.

So as a thank you, we have put together a little giveaway where you can win an ecopy of a book of your choice from anyone of our featured authors. There will be TEN winners in total. Good luck!

Just to remind you of the authors involved:

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October Releases

Look at all of the amazing new releases this month. So many to choose from. Which one(s) will you be reading this October?

OCT. 1
L. B. SchulmanLeague of StraysAdrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass LucidOCT. 2
Andrew Smith PassengerCaragh M. O'Brien Promised (Birthmarked #3)Carolee Dean Forget Me NotCory Doctorow Pirate CinemaEmily Hainsworth Through to YouJanci Patterson Chasing the SkipJasper Fforde The Last Dragonslayer (The Chronicles of Kazam)Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant Eve and AdamKresley Cole Poison Princess (Arcana Chronicles #1)Lois Lowry SonMindi Scott Live Through ThisNathan Kotecki The Suburban StrangeRick Riordan The Mark of Athena (Heroes of Olympus #3)Robison Wells FeedbackSarah Crossan BreatheT. Glen Coughlin One Shot Away: A Wrestling StoryAdele Griffin All You Never WantedOCT. 9
Anna Jarzab The Opposite of HallelujahColleen Clayton What Happens NextDaniel Marks VelveteenIngrid Paulson Valkyrie RisingJen Calonita Winter White (Belles #2)Michelle Cooper The Fit…

Review: Stranger Than Fiction by Lynn Leite

Amazon Synopsis Skylar Paine’s writing career is flourishing at the same time her love life crashes and burns. Resigned to make a new start, she buys a house that’s far away from her cheating fiancé and her back stabbing sister. It doesn’t take long to realize she may not be as alone as she thought she would be in her new life. Not only is the house haunted. It’s trying to tell her something.
I was swept away with Lynn Leite's Stranger Than Fiction, a terrific story surrounded in mystery, the paranormal and romance.

Following Skylar, the main character, was a pleasure; I especially loved her reactions to the situations that she found herself in. What Lynn Leite has successfully achieved is a character that I was so very happy to watch develop and succeed. It is this, teamed with the superb characterisations of her characters that made the events unfold seem that much more realistic, so much so that I jumped a few times and listened out for strange noises.

Lynn Leite, successf…

Review: Under Ground (#1 The Diamond Mini-Series) by J.M Zuniga

Goodreads Synopsis Left alone in a secret room after their parents were kidnapped, Diamond and  Obsidian must take care of their younger siblings. But how? They are facing both the threat of intruders and the threat of starvation. Will they survive or will their fate fall into the hands of the intruders? Or worse yet, will they starve to death?

Enter the world of The Diamond Mini-Series. It is a mini-series of short stories, each one picking up where the other one left off. Follow Diamond on her journey of survival and life. J.M Zuniga has created a great introduction to her mini-series that successfully establishes Diamond's character and sets a tone of mystery and action.

Diamond is an interesting character who is very easy to like and follow. Her reactions are deeply human and therefore believable which is something that I really enjoyed in this short. The mystery surrounding the events that led up to and are still unraveling around Diamond's current situation are effec…

eARC Review & Interview: The Imposter by Tiffany Carmouche

Goodreads Synopsis
“Alaska? Who goes to Alaska?” Escaping an abusive ex boyfriend, Nicole, a struggling young single-mother, convinces her best friend to travel to a place she knows little about, in search of better life.
Nicole is scared of getting hurt again, but Dylan’s chiseled body and chocolate brown eyes captivate her. And soon she finds herself in the arms of the sexy lead singer.
In Alaska, she discovers the power of friendship
and true love and begins to let down her guard.
But is her security a facade?
Soon Nicole’s innocent beauty taunts a sinister man,
and she is caught in a web of deception and danger.
She realizes someone she trusts has been stalking her.
Petrified, she wonders, how can she escape? Miles of wilderness surround her.
She hears something. Someone is there. Should she cry for help or stay silent? Will she be saved or will she be hunted?
New author, first novel, and wow - what an amazing job Tiffany has done. There wasn't a moment that I wasn't engag…

Guest Post: Monika Pardon, Author of 'Golden'

I have great pleasure  in welcoming the talented Monika Pardon to the page, author of Golden. She's kindly sharing with us a blog post with the inner workings of her crafting process. Enjoy!

My Process! I write for myself. I love stories and since my imagination always runs wild, I have a lot to write about. When I get a story into my head, I sit down and outline. I sometimes write character notes.Iwrite down the most important sceneson Post-Its and stick them in my notebook so that if something needs to be changed it’s an easy fix. Then I sit down and go for it. Sometimes I get a little shy and worried that I might be going too far. These are the times when I get stuck, but recently I was told that just going for it is the best way. Besides things change during the editing process.
Let me break everything down a little more for you. Okay, when I get a story idea, I write as much down as possible. Then I sit down with all these elements and piece them together. I can see my charact…

Interview Part 2, Giveaway & Author Bio: Toi Thomas (Eternal Curse Series:Giovanni's Angel)

Toinette “Toi” Thomas was born and raised in Texas where she learned to appreciate the grandeur of things in life. She was raise by her loving mother Navonia and her stepfather Dennis, along with her older sister Tori. Early in her life, Toi could understand and appreciate things that other kids her age couldn’t. She understood that her family wasn’t perfect, but that it was perfect for her.
Toi’s mother always encouraged her to be the best she could be even at things she didn’t like; which is why she was the best cheerleader her team in the third grade. Toi always had a special bond with her father, which made it hard for others to image that she wasn’t his natural born child. It was her father, who helped her appreciate the growing technology of the time and introduced her to her love of science fiction. Toi always looked up to her sister, even though as children they seldom got along. Her sister helped Toi figure out who she was on the inside and helped her create her sense of styl…