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New Release & Giveaway: Break My Bones by Rachael Tamayo

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New Release & Giveaway: Enemy of My Enemy by Ivy Lucas

Author:Ivy Lucas Title: Enemy of My Enemy Series: Phoenix Warriors MC, Book 1 Genre: MC Romance Release Date: October 17, 2019 Cover Designer:Soxsational Cover Art
Available now! Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Right? What if he’s my lover? What if he’s my enemy?

Secrets, double lives, and a hidden agenda collide with hope, humor, and adventure as the passion between two star-crossed lovers ignites.

Hawk is a biker driven by a singular purpose, fueled by an all-consuming need. A need for vengeance. ​He’s spent the last four years planning his retaliation, and it’s time to strike; it’s time to annihilate his enemy.

Zoe has one rule in life: no regrets. She lives on the edge and is willing to risk everything for her crusade. A crusade for justice. She’s spent the last four years on a crime spree of epic proportions, all for the good of the cause. All to destroy her enemy.

Escalating war consumes the underworld of Broadwater Bay, an underworld where Hawk and Zoe liv…

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Pure Dumb Luck by Dahlia Donovan

Title: Pure Dumb Luck Author:Dahlia Donovan Genre: M/M Romantic Comedy Release Date: September 28, 2019 Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:BookSmith Design  Available now!  Amazon US: All other links: When two small-town country dudes win the lottery, they finally find the courage to speak their truth.
An unexpected adventure follows.
Linwood "Woody" Robinson has a routine. He works for his baby brother in construction, buys three lottery tickets every week, and lusts after his best friend from high school. He’s done the same thing for twenty years.
Eddison "Eddie" Howard owns the only gas station in their small South Carolina town, sells lottery tickets, and lusts after his best friend from afar. They joke around but never speak their truth. He knows they’re cowards but can’t seem to find the courage to bridge the gulf between them.
And then they win eighty million dollars.
Life changes.
They go from never talkin…

Cover Reveal & Preorder: Hopelessly Devoted Series Box Set by Gen Ryan

Author:Gen Ryan Title: Hopelessly Devoted Series Release Date: November 4, 2019 Genre: Military Romance
Preorder for only $2.99  Amazon US: All other links:
Limited Edition Box Set Release Follow Rainey and Parker's emotional and intense journeys as they discover sometimes letting go is the only way to find peace and happiness. Military romance with all the feels from bestselling author Gen Ryan.
When she fell in love with her high school sweetheart, Rainey Matthews thought it’d be forever. But life has a habit of sneaking up and throwing a sucker punch when you least expect it.
Parker’s military career has become his top priority, leaving Rainey behind while he pursues his dreams. A combination of Parker’s PTSD and his actions threaten to tear Rainey’s heart right open, and she can no longer keep it together.
As their lives twist and turn, both Rainey and Parker discover happiness will be an uphill battle. And love doesn't alwa…

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: Last Night by Kim Deister

Title: Last Night Author:Kim Deister Genre: Thriller/Suspense Release Date: September 21, 2019 Publisher:Tangled Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith  Available now!  Amazon US:
All other links: Terrifying visions torment Starra. Lost moments of time and flashes of images too horrific to accept fill her with icy fear so complete she can’t escape it. With too many unanswered questions, she needs answers. Now. It’s her only hope if she wants to save what’s left of her shattered mind and soul.

Unlike Starra, Mina cares nothing for her soul. Damned long ago, she’s too scarred for redemption. There are people meant to enjoy lives of love and family and friends. Mina isn’t one of these people. Her life is in the shadows, unafraid of the dark... until she realizes that something lurks in those shadows, something that wants to tear her apart.

One never knows what the darkness hides...

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:…

New Release & Giveaway: Dark Feathers by Natalina Reis

Title: Dark Feathers Author:Natalina Reis Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: October 5, 2019 Cover Designer:RMGraphX

On sale now for $2.99!
Amazon: US | UK | AU | CA

She was the star in the darkness of his night.
Dark Angel Phoenix never expected to fall in love with a human. He answers to a cruel higher power who sees Joan as a threat. Phoenix knows things won’t end well unless he does something to protect her, even if that means an eternity of pain for him.
Joan was looking for a roommate to share her new home. She never expected to fall in love with him, much less to find out he’s an angel sent to spy on her. Can she trust an angel whose job is to collect the souls of the wicked?
When the dark lord decides to take matters into his own hands, Joan's only choice is to hope Phoenix can keep her safe. But though she might trust him with her soul, trusting him with her heart is another matter.
 On sale now for $2.99!  Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

Blog Tour, Excerpt, & Giveaway: In Safe Arms by Ann Grech

Author: Ann Grech Title: In Safe Arms Series: My Truth, Book 2 Genre: M/M Contemporary Release Date: September 21, 2019 Publisher:Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:Soxsational Cover Art

 Available now! 
Amazon US:
All other links:
 People deserve a second chance, right? How about a third or fourth?

But what if I can’t even admit to myself who I am? I was truthful once before. I came out to one other person, and he left me broken and scarred. He destroyed the boy I was. I don’t even use the same name anymore; I go by Trent now. But I survived the streets. I got lucky and I made something of myself. I’m happy, sort of.

It’s Angelo who lights up my life. He’s my world. My rock and my family. He’s always there for me. But I keep hurting him. I say stupid things, and I always keep him at a distance. Still, he knows me better than anyone.

And I want him. But I can’t let myself go there. Not again.

I’ve lived in denial for so long and it’s killing me…