Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Facebook 300 Followers Giveaway

I tend to use Facebook as my main link to the blogger and book community and use my blog as a platform for my reviews. I'm not sure this is the 'right' way to blog, after all I'm still very new to blogging, but it works for me.

Considering I've only being blogging and have had my new Facebook page for a little less than a month, I'm really loving being a part of the book community. I've already made so many friends and am loving the opportunity to talk books, life and often general randomness. This is a great way for me to relax in the evening and at weekends, so thank you.

Bex 'n' Books facebook has been so successful, over 300 likes in less than a month (amazing!), and this is due to the wonderful pages that I was already following who have gone on to show and share their support. So if you are one of the many Facbook pages that I follow, particularly actively follow, thank you so very much.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank my gorgeous big sister Hayley, whose arm has been seriously twisted, for agreeing to become an admin on Bex 'n' Books' Facebook page. She's made my life so much easier, and has enabled regular, daily interaction to take place from two very different continents possible: Australia & the UK. So thank you sis!

As mentioned earlier, we're now just300 Facebook likes, which means there's two amazing prizes up for grabs. Our quick and easy rafflecopter to win the following AUTOGRAPHED - I know how cool is that - books is noe OPENEN on our FB page. Once again, thank you to Hayley who has organised this giveaway.

As an incentive to our amazing followers, the more people that 'send' new followers our way (to our FB page) will win the following paperback. This sender competition will end on Saturday at 12pm GMT (UK time).

So please spread the word, keep following, please keep active as we love it when you talk to us, and hopefully keep enjoying Bex 'n' Books.

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