Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Review: TP Hogan's Extinct

ExtinctExtinct by T.P. Hogan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy (Shifters)

A YA story of epic proportions!

I loved all the characters, the main character, Ginny, especially. The plot was not only well-developed but wonderfully original. The level of descriptions were so in depth that the characters came to life beautifully. There's nothing better than picking up a book where the story comes to life and plays out like a movie.

Be sure to check out this incredible shifter story today.

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Everyone knows Thylacines are extinct. The truth is more complicated.

Thylacines are real but the secret that hides their existence has trapped them in a half-life, and only one person can set them free.

Sent to live in Tasmania, Australia, with a father she’s never met, Ginny Martin’s mission is to lay low and get through the school year. That is until she sees that first ghostly creature. Refusing to believe she’s going crazy, Ginny will not stop until she’s unearthed the truth behind the silver apparitions.

The search pulls Ginny into a world that shouldn’t exist. A world that is being threatened. Someone has found the Thylacines and is killing them.

As Ginny struggles to unravel a century-old mystery that holds the key to their freedom, the answers bring her to the killer’s attention. In a clash between worlds, where exposing the truth means death, is Ginny prepared for the cost of keeping the Thylacines safe? 

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