Friday, 1 May 2015

Review: Careful What You Wish For by Michelle Escamilla

Careful What You Wish For: Not Your Average FairytaleCareful What You Wish For: Not Your Average Fairytale by Michelle Escamilla
Crystal G's Rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book was a very quick read for me. It was quicker than I normally like but once I got into the story it was pretty good. Harley goes out on a date with her girlfriends only to wake up in a wish gone wrong.

The story kind of unfolded fast for my liking but the author did a pretty good job of meshing everything together to make it worth reading. I would have liked the story to have played out a little more. There was potential to expand on many areas of the story. I'd definitely recommend this to someone who wanted a quick, happily ever after. It definitely makes you think "Is that the life you really want?"

Careful What You Wish For: Not Your Average Fairytale

One simple wish would change everything … Unless you didn’t even wish for it

Harley Simpson had one wish – to find Prince Charming and settle down. However, she still had yet to find that one guy, so she buried herself in her work and decided to just have fun.

On her way out for a night with the girls, Harley meets a mysterious cab driver. The woman starts to question what she’d really like in life. Although Harley found it rather odd for a cab driver to ask such deep questions, Harley told her.

A wish gone bad…

Harley finds herself the next morning, married to her boss and two small girls running around the house. She’s at a loss for words, especially since she’d never even kissed the guy and now she has two kids. Is this the life that she truly wanted or has fate gone completely wrong? Can she get out of her suburban nightmare or will Harley learn how to become that mom she never thought she’d be - in this messed up fairy tale -

Careful What You Wish For 

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