Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Review: Between a Scot and a Hard Place by Austyn Faulkner

Between a Scot and a Hard PlaceBetween a Scot and a Hard Place by Austyn Faulkner
Bex's rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

A great romantic comedy which provided plenty of entertaining moments. Sabra and Christian are fun characters with lots of hilarious examples of banter which had me laughing out loud. With lots of fast-paced action and amusing dialogue, this book is a very entertaining read.

Between a Scot and a Hard Place

4.64 of 5 stars 4.64  ·  rating details  ·  11 ratings  ·  4 reviews
When good girls go bad was an apt description for the life of Sabra Wells. Up until now, her life had been uneventful, downright dull even. And then her boss died and left her a large sum of money. However, there was a condition to which she had to meet in order to obtain the wealth left to her. She had to take the cremated ashes of her deceased boss to Scotland and spinkle them on the snow-covered, green hills. Since Sabra had always wanted to visit the land of bagpipes and kilts, she saw no problem with the condition and readily agreed.
She should have known that things weren’t going to go well when the second she arrives at the Scotland airport she gets caught staring at a wickedly handsome man. Things get decidedly worse when she literally runs into the hot Scotsman and mistakenly grabs his suitcase instead of her own.
It’s only after she arrives at the hotel that she realizes that the suitcase isn’t heavy because of her mother’s obsession with having enough clean underwear. She has the wrong case. Inside this one is a gun as wicked as the man she had inadvertently stolen it from. Sabra ventures to the police station where she meets a detective that makes her believe in lust at first sight for the second time in one day.
And that is when her life goes from bad to worse. The detective and his partner want Sabra to help with a sting to ensnare Scotland’s deadliest criminal, the man she had been leering at in the airport.
Not having much of a choice as the handsome felon has her suitcase of clothes and unmentionables that her mother packed, Sabra agrees. By the time the sting occurs, Sabra is knee-deep in snow and hardheaded Scotsmen. She also has a choice to make: Will she stay with the Good Scot, the smooth-talking detective, or will she make a stand with the Bad Scot, the lethal weapon in leather? Or will she just take her suitcase and run? 

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