Thursday, 30 October 2014

Review: Hotter Than Helltown - SM Reine

Hotter Than Helltown (Preternatural Affairs, #3)Hotter Than Helltown by S.M. Reine
Lynn's rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cesar Hawke an agent with the Office of Preternatural Affairs has a new case. What a way to start a Saturday. Then he gets to spend time with agent Suzy Takeuchi, who's sassy, mouthy, and one of the guys. Can it get any better than this? After getting in trouble with the OPA, Cesar needs to take his aspis approval test to get out of trouble. How can he possible study when people are turning up dead. Now they have bodies showing up missing body parts, eyes here, a nose there and always missing a heart. He doesn't mind chasing down bad witches or demons going bad, but he doesn't do the blood and guts well.

This book is part of the Preternatural Affairs series. They are standalone reads or can be read as a series. Cesar is funny. He is whiny, thinks he is a bad witch and gets sick at the sight of blood. Suzy is rough and tumble, and loves giving Cesar a hard time, pretty much about anything. The story moves along at a good pace and the action keeps you turning pages. The main story is about the case and how they solve it. The secondary story is Cesar learning that he is a better witch than he gives himself credit for. A wonderful read for lovers of paranormal and mystery.

Hotter Than Helltown (Preternatural Affairs #3)

A killer is mutilating bodies in Los Angeles. Agent Cèsar Hawke is on the case, but the murderer is ahead of him--way ahead of him.

Wiping the memories of the dead so that the team's necrocognitive can't talk to them? Done. Preventing magical reconstruction of the crime scenes? Oh yeah. And the murders keep getting more brutal while Cèsar struggles to catch up.

The best way to heat up a cold case is to go to Helltown, where Los Angeles's most powerful evil hides out, but even those demons are afraid of the murderer. Their fear adds one more question to the growing pile of unknowns:

What kind of bad guy is too hot for Helltown?

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