Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review: Something like Normal (Something like Normal #1) - Monica James

Something like Normal (Something like Normal, #1)Something like Normal by Monica James
Lynn's rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mia Lee's life has been anything but normal. After her mother left her as a toddler, with her father who is a drug addict, she is forced to support his habit. It's not until she's nineteen she finds away of escaping. She hops on a greyhound bus and becomes Paige Cassidy.

There are so many twists and turns in this book. It keeps you turning pages. From Mia, trying to learn what it means to be a normal teenager, to leaning how to be a friend. It was fabulous following Mia and her naivety. She's not sure about Quinn, and has hard as they try to avoid anything between them, attraction that strong doesn't stand a chance of being ignored.

All the characters in this book are amazing. I fell in love with them, Hank, Tabitha , Tristan and Quinn. It was like a band of misfits. They all had such different personalities but flowed together so well. The book makes you cry and feel a full range of emotions. Major cliff hanger at the end. Have to say, I didn't see that coming. The book will blow you away and leave you speechless.

Something like Normal (Something like Normal #1)

Mia Lee has a secret…

A secret she’s kept hidden since she was eight years old, however, Mia will no longer allow that secret to define her.

An irrevocable decision has left Mia Lee a fugitive and on the run—a circumstance that should leave her weak and scared, yet Mia has never felt so alive.

Under the pseudonym of Paige Cassidy, Mia is ready to live the life she’s never had, and she’s determined not to allow her tainted past dictate her promising future.

Paige is on a Greyhound bus heading from L.A. to South Boston, Virginia, to start a new life. A life that includes finding her mother, who abandoned her at age three. But what she finds, is four people, who will change her life forever.

Yet no one can outrun their past…

Especially one filled with bitter memories, which refuse to remain hidden.

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