Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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Amie Nichols Sale Blitz

Amie Nichols is having an awesome sale between September 17th - 19th for her Deep Blue Series. All three books have been combined into one, and for a limited time, it will be available for only 99 cents. 
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We would love your support in spreading the word about the sale.

***Blogger sign up***
We are proud to be organizing an amazing two-week tour for Victoria Paige. The tour will dedicated to Victoria's It's Always Been You.

A tour-wide rafflecopter giveaway will be included, giving away multiple $10 Amazon gift cards. Victoria is also wanting to thank hosts by offering a BLOG HOST ONLY GIVEAWAY of FIVE $10 Amazon Gift Cards. 

Victoria Paige's tour will consist of a selection from the following:
Top Ten Post (host to suggest topic)
Author Interview (host to provide 5 questions)
Excerpt Post
Book Spotlight
Review Post

An HTML doc will be provided for your convenience. 

We would love your support in promoting this amazing 5 star read and fabulous author.

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