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Review: To Touch The Sun - Laura Enright

To Touch The SunTo Touch The Sun by Laura Enright
Lorry's rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping tale that steps away from the romanticism of being a vampire, and makes you think twice about what it is to have an immortal existence thrust upon you, whether you like it not. In a refreshing new approach to the vampire genre we meet three vampires, all turned during the bloody battles of the World War, and how for each of them, having followed a different path, are suddenly thrown back together again. The mercenary who’s made a profit, the adaptable who’s made a life and the lost and lonely who just wants the nightmare to end. Brought together by one woman, whose lifetime of research may have discovered a formula to that could change or, ultimately, end their existence.

Beautifully written, although with a tendency to indulge in back story from time to time. This is definitely a novel for those who’ve had enough of the sparkly vampire variety.

To Touch The Sun

To Touch The Sun is the debut novel by author Laura Enright.

1916: France, The Great War.

Narain Khan was 25 when he left his native India to fight in the trenches of the West­ern Front dur­ing WWI. It was his hope that he could stay on after the war to pur­sue his dream of study­ing the culi­nary arts and becom­ing a world class chef.

Instead, he fell to shrap­nel amidst the car­nage of that bit­ter war. Car­nage which, when dark­ness fell, attracted some­thing ter­ri­fy­ing: A roam­ing pack of feral vampires–mindless feeders–who fell upon the sol­diers left wounded and dying in No Man’s Land.

Attacked by the fer­als, Narain was trans­formed into the other type of vam­pire: A sen­tient capa­ble of mov­ing about in soci­ety with only a few restric­tions and able to feed with­out killing the host.

Present Day: Chicago, U.S.

After the death of his long-term partner and food source Sophie from cancer, Narain, now a successful chef and businessman, albeit with an unusual set of problems that make life in "normal" society difficult, has reached a crossroads in his life as a sentient vampire.

His growing attraction to Cassie Lambert, a scientist with an unexpected link to his past, the re-emergence of Reginald Jameson, his old captain in WWI and now a sadistic predator who shares the night with Narain, and a new, terrifying breed of vampire; Boris, a monster who destroys everything in his path. All these events will conspire to drag Narain into a climactic struggle.

A struggle against everything he holds dear, against himself, against Jameson, Boris and the forces that will stop at nothing to discover the secret Cassie has learned about the nature of Vampirism.

A struggle that will show Narain that to defeat the real mon­sters, he will have to embrace what he is and awaken the beast within. That to touch the sun, he will have to risk being burned up in its fury...

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