Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Review: Paging Dr. Hot - Sophia Knightly

Paging Dr. HotPaging Dr. Hot by Sophia Knightly
Justine's rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

I have more than once crowned Ms. Knightly as my Queen of the Classic Contemporary Reads, and Paging Dr. Hot did NOT disappoint! On the contrary, she even had a few surprises this time around.

In the past, our lead hunk never had competition before. She also mixed it up giving us the uber adorable Romeo’s POV, Francesca’s super cute mini dachshund.

Luckily, one aspect that never changes with Ms. K, is her beautifully crafted HEAs. I can ALWAYS find one in her stories.

p.s. I would LOVE to see best friend, Chloe’s HEA! Hint, Hint!

Paging Dr. Hot

"A love prescription so potent only the hottest doctor can fill it. "

Miami TV reporter Francesca Lake is on a manhunt...or rather, a doctor hunt. Frankie wasn't always a hypochondriac. Her motto used to be "Fear is not an option," but everything changed with her mom's near-fatal heart attack. Now a day doesn't go by where she isn't worried about "something."

After a harrowing incident in the hospital ER, she has a life-altering epiphany. She needs to find a marriage-minded doctor ASAP-one who will calm her fears so she can get on with her life.

So begins a series of amorous escapades and startling revelations as she works her way through the list of eligibles: an outrageous Aussie sex therapist, a brilliant neurosurgeon (who's wired the wrong way), and a handsome Cuban cardiologist.

None of them compares to hunky Dr. Harrison Taylor...but there's a problem. Much as Harrison's rugged physique, forest-green eyes and warm smile make her senses wobbly, she needs a people doctor, not the vet for her miniature dachshund Romeo. Besides, Harrison's propensity for crazy stunts would only make her worry more.

Frankie is trying to be sensible, but her heart and her outspoken dog are conspiring against her...

Warning: Contains juicy secrets and romantic misadventures between a loveable hypochondriac and three hot doctors. Side effects may include intense yearnings for a strong doctor, an adorable miniature dachshund, and an impromptu trip to sultry Miami.

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