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Review: Fall - Scarlett Dawn

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Reviewer: Bex
Fall is a wonderful novella by Scarlett Dawn. Following the feisty Braita, this fabulous sci-fi, action, romance opens up to an amazing new world, a world which the author describes creatively and with vivid detail.
Through tears of laughter, frustration and sorrow, Braita was a pleasure to journey with. I was thoroughly immersed into Scarlett Dawn's futuristic world and was left gasping for breath and eagerly awaiting this next in this satisfying series. A splendid read.

A savagely wicked new adult sci-fi series blasts off with Fall, the first novella in The Cold Mark Saga…
Only one thousand Humans survived The Travel from the shattered Earth. Some Humans say it was their penance for crushing such beauty. Eighteen-year-old Braita merely thought it was pathetic – pathetic that her people had been that blind.
Now, the Humans live in the solar system, Kline, where three planets are habitable. Joyal, the smallest planet, is embraced by the Humans – their family to love as they had never loved Earth. Though a planet covered mainly in water is dangerous real estate to dwell upon.
Their worry turns into devastating reality when Braita’s blessed village is struck by a tsunami. Population numbers must be kept to a minimum. Drastic measures must be taken. Braita’s life is twisted in brutality when she is chosen as one of the three hundred Humans to be removed from Joyal…and sent to the Mian, the aliens to fear, on the planet Triaz.
Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society. Her existence depends on it…and possibly, the fall of her heart.
Scarlett's bio:
#1 Bestseller in Witches and Wizards Romance and award-winner, Scarlett Dawn is the author of the Forever Evermore new adult fantasy series, which include King Halland King Cave. She lives in the Midwest, adores her music loud, and her fries covered in melted cheese.

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