Sunday, 29 June 2014

Review: Captured Heat - Karida Clarke

Captured Heat by Karida Clarke
Tina's rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is first book in this author's new series. It has action from the beginning to the end. I liked that to two main characters aren't your usual vampire or werewolf characters. Instead, we have a feisty woman who thinks she is human but isn't and a hot male who is hotter than most because he is a Phoenix.

On the very fist page we get to see this hot male named Cole in action and he never stops until he gets finished in the end. Rebecca turns out to be just as surprising with her talents she uses. Put these two together and the heat really starts to spark.

This is a unique paranormal book, and yes we see all of the different paranormal creatures in this book. The storyline will have you wondering what is coming up next. Every other character in this story has a history that I believe will come out in the next book in this series. I can't wait to see what will happen next to all of these characters. I see that many twists are headed for the future of these characters and can't wait to see what will happen. Great start to this new series!

Captured Heat (Phoenix Warriors, #1)

The Phoenix Warriors, a group of immortals bound by the gods to protect the integrity of the human realm from otherworldly races, have been led for centuries by Cole, a guarded alpha male.
When Cole learns that an ancient demon has discovered the location of a tool that will enable him to escape from the prison realm, Cole vows to find and safeguard it before the demon's vampire minions.

Rebecca Powell is a high school guidance counselor who is everyone's "lucky charm." She's just not so lucky herself. After being used a time too many, she's through with men...until she runs right into the one she can't resist.

Cole and Rebecca have both been burned before, but can they put aside their misgivings to protect the human realm and learn to love again?

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