Monday, 30 June 2014

Revamped Blog Tour & Giveaway: Dylan Hart Series - RM Gilmore

 Recently the amazing Dylan Hart Series has undergone a little revamp, receiving new formatting thanks to InkStain, a tidy-up edit from Hot Tree, and now a 'graphic' cover makeover! To unleash the bitch unto the world RM Gilmore thought it only fitting to bring on all the original Dylan Hart bad asses! Thus far the series has remained fairly obscure, and while oddities and obscurities are kind of her thing, it's time Dylan was spread around like a joint at a Stones concert. 

The Scene will be on sale through the tour for 99 cents! 
Book One

WARNING: Excessive Sarcasm & Adult Language 

Irreverent twenty-something and journalist , Dylan Hart, has her little black heart set to cashing-in on the blood-drained bodies of seven prostitutes scattered throughout southern California. 

In an attempt to write her first best-selling novel and pay off her ever growing student debt, Dylan begins the search for the culprit of the media-dubbed Vampire Massacres, diving head first into L.A.’s sanguinary ‘vampire’ subculture. 

Not your daughter’s vampire story, The Scene escorts readers into an all too real sanguinarian lifestyle and drags them through a bloody good mystery. Horrible pun intended.
Book Two

WARNING: Extreme use of the F bomb. Reader beware. 

The bitch is back in this second installment of the Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult series. The graciously irreverent Dylan Hart, is at it again this time from down in New Orleans. In an unfamiliar city, surrounded by ‘vampire’ elite, Dylan finds herself entangled in the underground world of blood and lust. 

- Or is that bloodlust? - 

Dylan is forced to sift through fact and fiction when she encounters a new, and much more frightening, villain. Voodoo. Who do? 

Book Three

WARNING: Contains cynicism known to cause laughter and suspense that may affect heart rate. 

Dylan has found herself in quite the conundrum. Locked in her apartment with an unknown voodoo beastie hot on her tail. She's tits deep in death and it's knocking down her door. Literally. 

Endless Night left you with your heart pounding and your stomach in your butt. Sacrifice will flip you upside down and take you on a ride that will leave your knees quivering and your head lying on the floor...literally. 

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