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Indies Down Under: Hayley M Clearihan

The Book
Psychiatrist Jade Thatcher believes returning to her small Australian hometown to start again will be a healing experience - until her new job proves to be just the opposite. Her patients are linked in ways that she can't explain, and the hospital has seen too many doctors come and go. It's not long before she is lured by a well-guarded secret - one that sends her to a dark and dangerous place, with little hope of returning.

'Conspiracy theories make for good suspense stories and this one doesn't disappoint' - Author, Helene Young.

“I read this wonderful thriller in two sittings, which is unusual for me. I was hooked from the first chapter and the mixture of odd characters captivated me. Mainly set in a psychiatric hospital, White Walls is deeply atmospheric and each patient has his or own story to tell. Jade Thatcher is drawn into an enigma of intrigue, which concludes with her discovering a dark, frightening secret. HMC is a truly gifted writer and I was surprised to see that this is her debut novel. I foresee a great future for her and look forward to reading more of her books.” Author, Anthony Hulse

“This is a gripping page turner! Bleary eyed through most of a rainy weekend, I got to know the inmates and characters of this small town. They are believable and quirky and there are plenty of clever lines to smile over. The premise of the story is disturbingly realistic and will have you thinking twice about conspiracy theories. Jade is a hero you want to succeed but the story is so clever you’re never really sure if she will. Great read and highly recommended.” Mother and Teacher, Alicia Kemp

HMC, Hayley M Clearihan, is a freelance writer, teacher and artist who resides on the Gold Coast, Australia.

She has a degree in psychology, writes a column for an online magazine and blogs about global issues.

HMC is inspired by many genres, but has always been particularly fascinated by magic, thrillers or books with a twist.

‘It’s so great when I don’t see it coming. Who doesn’t love a good twist?’ said Hayley.

At the tender age of eleven, she found her first favourite author, Stephen King. At bedtime, she would creep out into the hallway where there was just enough light to read on. When the couch squeak signalled her mother’s movement, she would rush back to bed and hide under the covers.

HMC went on to fall obsessively in love with reading and has spent hour upon hour in the clasps of an eclectic bunch of authors from R.L Stein and Paul Jennings to J.R.R. Tolkien. She later moved on to fall for authors such as the late and great Bryce Courtenay and J.K Rowling.

HMC began drawing around the age of twelve and would look through tattoo books at her mother’s friend’s garage. She would copy the images until she began to form a style of her own. Art became another obsession and she began to put the artwork with her poems and writing.

HMC was ‘unable’ to attend a tattoo parlour for her work experience placement in year eleven. It was a good thing too apparently, because her second choice was a primary school classroom. There, HMC fell in love with the children and often speaks very passionately about her first profession.

‘There is nothing more gratifying than having a child smile back at you, when they have just understood something- they never had before.’

HMC was lucky enough to find herself in a school that was not only enthusiastic about the visual arts and creative writing, but that believed every child was creative. The Silkwood School on the Gold Coast not only fostered what she believed education should look like- it even helped her to follow her own dreams of becoming a published author.

Through leadership programs and being surrounded by positive, energetic colleagues, HMC was persuaded to do something with her writing.

Now, her journey as an author begins with the introduction of White Walls. HMC hopes that someone might read her books into the wee hours of the morning and that she will have them biting their nails in anticipation- much like her favourite authors did for her.
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