Thursday, 20 February 2014

Indies Down Under: Max Henry

The Book
Battle to Become

Crius Vitalis is a jaded man. Many centuries ago he was cursed with immortality, leaving him disillusioned with life after watching those he loved age and pass away, unable to do a thing. Emotionally closed off, he knows that the only hope he has of reversing the curse is again being intimate with someone. Only, how can he do that when he can't stand the thought of being touched?

Marney Carras has found independence and strength in her life, not by choice, but from duty to her deceased father. After taking over his bar, she has poured herself into making it again the success it once was. The last thing she needs on her already hectic schedule is some brooding, and dangerous man. Yet she can't deny the attraction she feels toward him, and is determined to uncover the real person behind his tough-guy facade.

Will Crius be able to face his demons and let Marney in? And when Marney discovers the truth about herself along the way, will she be able to cope? Opposites may attract, but will they stay together?

Paranormal Romance
Average Rating
3.5 star

What People are saying about it

“Loved it! Great start to a new series! Ready for #2!!” – Tiffany, Goodreads
“I enjoyed Battle to Become and think it’s a solid entry to the paranormal genre. Author Henry shows a lot of promise and I’ll be looking forward to more of her works to come.” – Lisa, Goodreads
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Author Bio
I rediscovered my love of reading last year after never really having the time with two small children, and in doing so, realised I didn't just want to read the books - I wanted to write them.
So I put fingers to keyboard and wrote. Then wrote some more. And before you know it, here I am now. 
I decided that at thirty it was high time to stop living a 'what if' life and give my dreams a chance. 

Lost deep in thought one day as I walked the kids in their buggy, I realised that I didn't want to be an old lady who sat and reflected on her life thinking 'what if I had tried?' I wanted to be an old lady who reflected on her life and thought 'At least I didn't leave a stone unturned.'

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