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Guest Post & Giveaway: Laila Blake
After Life Lessons



Available: April 8, 2014
Format: E-book & Paperback (POD)
Genre: Post-Apoc Romance
Warnings: Contains language some might find offensive, some gore and situations of a sexual nature.

Length: 81,000 words, # pages in paperback

Say you’ve stocked up on food and ammo, and have your place secure. What is in your zombie apocalypse survival kit? Here is our top five!

1. Notebooks and the pens NASA uses that write upside down and underwater: we’re writers, and, considering electricity is not a stable commodity, we’re going to need something to write with. The NASA pens ensure we’ll be able to write in the most dire of conditions

2. Guitar and extensive collection of books with songs and tricks: Music makes people happy. Start singing and everything feels less terrible. Besides, this way we’d actually get to practice enough.

3. A big supply of soaps and moisturizers, toothpaste and other assorted toiletries. Laila has an addiction to hand creams and you just need some basic things to keep feeling human.

4. A pet. Animals are proven to speed healing, and prevent depression. And, really, if you’re holed up hoping the zombies won’t eat you? You’re gonna need someone who will cuddle and love you.

5. Books. A library preferably, assorted choices. I mean one day you might need some high-brow stuff to feel like you haven’t left all civility behind, on others you may just want to konk out to some escapism. We highly suggest After Life Lessons to keep your brain alive... you know, for the zombies. Hehe.

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Hulking shadows emerge out of the chaotic flurries of the blizzard. Something is dying, and so they come, like vultures.
After months of struggling south to escape the zombie-infested remains of New York, a snowstorm traps 23-year old artist, Emily, and her son in an abandoned gas station. Starving and desperate, they encounter Aaron, an Army medic on a mission of his own, who offers them a ride to ease the journey.
The road is a long and dangerous place to travel, and every day brings a new threat. But fear and adrenaline also drive the two closer together; they find laughter and a budding attraction that starts to thaw at their numb and deadened feelings. And that’s when the pain really starts to hit, when places long thought lost prickle back to life. Eventually, they will have to fight not just for survival, but for a future together, or their broken world will swallow them whole.



Excerpt: Chapter 1 // Opening // 866 words
Something was dying in the flurries of snow.
Emily couldn’t see five feet of road in front of them, but the desperate howl pierced the wind. A dog maybe, or something altogether wilder. It seemed to harden every muscle along her spine, forcing her body into a more awkward pace, one hand firmly around Song’s, dragging the boy along. The wind piled snow into drifts, threw it into icy funnels that danced between the trees.
Excerpt: Chapter 4 // Zombie attack // 362 words
Emily stared first at him, then at the side-view mirror.
“They are fast…” she exhaled.
Rolling down the highway, Aaron was trying to avoid broken down cars and fallen trees, snow-choked drifts and holes in the road. They were slow, too slow; and the creatures had little trouble keeping up. There was no question of stopping, of course, but he couldn’t accelerate, either.
“It’s like they’re hunting…” he muttered, focus completely on the road.

About the Authors


L.C. and Laila met in 2010 on an online forum and have been inseparable ever since. Having supported each other in their individual writing projects for years, they finally decided to work more closely together in a cross-continental cooperative writing partnership. Together, they host the podcast Lilt and started their micropublishing venture Lilt Literary in 2013.
L.C. (generally known as Lorrie) lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, kids, and too many pets. Laila is a nerdy German translator, living in Cologne with her kitten and a lot of sparkly lights.
 Lilt Literary links: Lilt Literary | Facebook | Twitter | Podcast
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Laila’s Links: Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram | Tumblr

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