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25 Days Of Christmas with CHBB & Giveaway

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Everyone has heard the name and many think they KNOW all about the little literary powerhouse that is Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. From its humble beginning of one woman with a vision and 10 authors, to a three imprint literary force with almost 100 signed authors under its belt, bestselling and renowned authors, a reputation of being THE LEADING INDIE PUBLISHER, and showing all the other “wanna be” publisher’s how to do it right. Yes, CHBB is the name that every reader and author should know but did you also know…

1.    CHBB was founded by an Author? After listening to her indie friends distress over how good stories were constantly overlooked because big houses were always looking for “trends” Sarah Davis thought she should give publishing a go. Sick of good stories always being turned down Sarah – familiar with the writing side of publishing, extensively researched what it took to be a publisher. With a few trusted people who believed in her and trusted her, Sarah became a LEGAL publishing entity and set forth to take over the world. After struggling and very very little reciprocation the rest became history.
2.    CHBB has increased ten-fold in only 2 years? Seriously. CHBB opened its doors February 29, 2012 with only 10 authors and as it approaches its 2 year anniversary mark with close to 100 authors that is OFFICIALLY 10xs the size (and equal success) than its founding. Now you see why CHBB is the LEADING small press…take note.
3.    CHBB is home to several popular authors including well known screen writers and singers.
4.    Many CHBB authors have made mainstream media (i.e. USA Today and others) and some even have mentions or their own Wikipedia pages. Some of the likes include but are not limited to Vanessa Kimball, Cameo Renae, Daniel P. Coughlin, S.K. Whiteside, Kenya Wright and more.
5.    CHBB gives BACK to the community that has allowed them to see so much success. Many of the titles from the three imprints (CHBB, Vamptasy, and HOT INK) donate a percentage of sales to various charities. This month CHBB adopted a family in Kentucky that had no heat and was suffering winter in poverty and offered support. It was because of the MASSIVE fan base that CHBB was able to do such things.

**Bonus Fact**
CHBB will obtain world domination in 2014. Stay tuned and…

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  1. I've just signed with CHBB/Vamptasy for two novels, a paranormal romance (releasing March 22) and a thriller (releasing August 30). Though I'm new, I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with the talent, support, and know-how. It's a real family where everybody helps everybody else succeed.

  2. I don't even want to dwell on how many amazing stories I might have never read if it wasn't for Sarah's drive, determination, and passion! I look forward to many more years of new and innovative publishing milestones from everyone at CHBB!

  3. I forgot to leave my FB link. Ooops!

  4. Wow, that is an amazing story. I'm glad that she persevered! Or I would never know of any of these great stories/authors.
    It's heart warming to see that CHBB steps outside of books and helps out with charities and people! <3

    -Samantha Harlow

  5. Thank you for hosting CHBB and their giveaway! I learn more about them every day!

  6. I LOVE (and did NOT know until just now) that CHBB donates some of their proceeds to different charities/causes! That's so generous! I don't know of any other group that does that. And let's all hope for World Domination!

    My facebook profile:

    I am Barbara Gordon on Facebook

  7. Holy crap!! I didn't know that you had that many authors signed. Awesome!

  8. Thanks for hosting. Love the blog.

  9. I love learning that one person made it possible for others to do what they love and to be able to share it with others even if it isn't the trending theme.


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