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Escape Publishing Birthday Bash & Giveaway: Robin Thomas

We're so excited to be apart of Escape Publishing's birthday. We'll be featuring FIVE of Escape Publishing's amazing New Adult authors who have so generously spent the time writing lovely posts for you all, giving you the opportunity to let you get to know them better.
What's more is we have a fabulous giveaway for you all too!

Today - day one - we're featuring the awesome author Robin Thomas. Enjoy her post and have fun entering the giveaway.

Bonjour Cherie and Serendipity by Robin Thomas

Some (most) books are hard work – like cleaning the gutters on a hot December day.  There might be the occasional cool breeze and, of course, there’s immense satisfaction when the job is done, but you have to raise a sweat and get dirty and try not to swear (too much). Occasionally, though serendipity happens, and the voices in your head take over, clamouring to tell their story, in their way. And then the ideas and the words flow, because suddenly your characters are real to you.
Bonjour Cherie was like that. From the first few lines, my very determined heroine, Beth, was in the driving seat.  ‘I was going to Paris. That was a definite. But with $87.50 in my savings account, there was a tiny question mark over when.’ Okay, start your engines.
 Beth, cunning little minx, played on my weaknesses. She knew I loved French culture; she knew I was a great believer in positive thinking; and she knew I would be tempted by all her French cooking.  So she flicked her red hair at me and told me how things were. For a while I let her go, but naturally, she ran into problems. Her French teacher, André, wasn’t taking her heavy hints; Derek, her work mate, was forgetting they were just friends; and Zach Mills was there every time she made a fool of herself. Also, she was as far away from saving from France as she ever had been. Oh la la!
It’s just as well that Zach decided to step in and help her out of her various mishaps.  Saved me a lot of trouble.  In his own way Zach was just as determined as Beth in getting what he wanted. But he did it in a laid back, charmingly Aussie way. He was also kind of hot. (Have a look at the cover and you’ll know what I mean!) But so was André and he was French – enough said.
Anyway, I finally had to reign them all in. After all, I was the Author - even though they did their best to ignore me! I still had a trick or two up my sleeve. I managed to help Beth get, not what she wanted at first, but certainly what she needed. I’m happy to say that she eventually agreed with me. And we all finally realised that Paris was not the only destination worth striving for. Bon Voyage!


Bonjour Cherie (Novella)BROWSE THE BOOK

eRRP: AU$3.99
  • About the book
It's Paris or bust in this New Adult comedy of errors about seeing beyond the surface...

Beth Jenkins is into all things French — especially her French teacher, André LeBlanc. She’s on the fast track to Paris and nothing will stop her, not even the very Australian Zach Mills, whose abs and attitude are a powerful combination. As she endeavours to catch André’s interest, she also stubbornly ignores the growing chemistry with Zach.

But as mishap after mishap delays her dreams, Beth begins to learn that neither Zach nor André are quite what they seem. Will it be too late to win the one man who shows her that Paris is not the only destination worth planning for?
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