Friday, 4 October 2013

Tour Spotlight: White Leaves: E.L.F. Vol 1 - M.P. Ness

An Eco-terrorist from Seattle discovers Real Elves bent on more than petty sabotage. She must discover the secrets of the White Leaves to spare more than mankind's annihilation, but all life on earth, for the great Powers of else dimensions cannot ever be stopped.
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Author Bio 
Born in the Midwest, I share my birthday with Leonardo Da Vinci, and seem to share a bit of that creative monster's spirit.

I paint, draw, write, sculpt, and more.
I'm extremely prolific when I don't have life and day-jobs tying me down.

I published my debut novel, E.L.F. vol. 1, White Leaves, July 1st, 2013, and hope to release the sequel, Blighted Leaves, sometime early/mid 2014

White Leaves is currently available at all major online retailers in both print-paperback and eBook forms.

I do my own cover-art, book-trailers, formatting, and marketing.
It's tough, but a thoroughly engaging ride.

I've also done logo, cover art, and animations for local Seattle area musicians, other musicians elsewhere, luthiers, videographers, authors, and retailers.

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Utter tranquility wrapped about her as her bare feet settled amidst moist grasses, the softest she’d ever felt. The air was cool and smelled of pollens and perfumes she couldn’t even begin to identify. The canopy far overhead obscured what should have been moonlight and blocked away the stars entirely. Yet there was a light of some sort, emanating from beyond the trunk of a tree so great in girth it could have dwarfed the great sequoia or redwoods.

She gaped in awe as fireflies and other ethereal, luminous insects flitted lazily.

“Welcome to the Veil of the Leaf’s Edge,” Athaem spoke softly at her back.

Slowly a smile slipped onto her youthful features.
…This place was utterly magical…

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