Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paranormal Pumpkin Patch Day Eighteen w/ Giveaway - J.V.K

It is not fair being human, not all the time. But at least we can still feel love and happiness aside from the grey spectre of hate the otherside has. Forbidden by J.V.K

It's day 18 and we have the lovely J.V.K joining us. J.V.K is a contemporary paranormal/fantasy author who is renowned for breaking conventional barriers. It's a real pleasure to have her as our Paranormal Pumpkin Patch feature author today.  

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Fairies
Forbidden is a powerful opening to what I hope will be just the beginning of a compelling series. The short story opens with the introduction to a fascinating, albeit dark world, where women are breeders, men warriors or simply cannon fodder to the terrifying demons lurking on the outskirts.

We are introduced to the main character Jax. A warrior who begins to struggle with his role, his position in the world that he is living. He begins to question the sanity of the life that he is leading. J.V.K effectively opens up this captivating character to us, allowing us to feel compassion towards his cause.

It is when Jax is at his weakest, when he begins to doubt the world around him, that he meets an intriguing and somewhat cruel man. A man that turns his world upside down, and sparks desires in him that he wasn’t prepared for.

Forbidden flows smoothly and has lovely moments of real tension. Moments that are almost palpable. J.V.K has effectively developed a world that came to life, and characters that were terrifyingly real. Bex ‘n’ Books rated 4.5 sassy fairies.

From a distant thrown, a ruthless King strikes fear into the hearts of men. With a never ending war raging, one that forces the people into darkness, a warrior finds the courage to break free.

Jax, determined to escape the King's twisted games, ventures into a world that he could never prepare for. A world where pleasure and pain collide. Now nothing will ever be the same...

Black Lace Red Moon
Paths of the Spirit (2 books) 
4.366666666666666 of 5 stars 

The Promise
The Promise (1 book) 
4.545454545454546 of 5 stars 

Sovereign Pleasures
Sovereign Pleasures (1 book) 
4.285714285714286 of 5 stars 

Forbidden (1 book) 
4.277777777777778 of 5 stars 

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