Friday, 6 September 2013

Review: Evan Elemental -

Reviewer: Brittany
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Fairies

I'm the type of person that judges a book by its summary. Maybe it's superficial, but that's how I tell whether or not I think it'll be a good read for me. When I read this summary, I thought that it would be a good book, but something told me that it was going to end when the going got good. And boy did it.

I loved reading about each of these characters, and the story itself is quit enjoyable. There are certain aspects of the characters that is all kind of confusing. I'm hoping that when the next one comes out, that it'll clarify a lot of my confusion. Other than the fact that Evan had accepted her parents passing, is gaining control of her powers, and has found a love that she is distancing herself from; I'm really dumbfounded on just about everything in this particular book. I honestly don't know what I just read other than those three aspects. And that doesn't sit well with me. I don't like leaving a book unfinished and that's how I feel with this one. Like I didn't finish what I started, even though I did. Like I said though, I'm hoping the next one will tie up all my thoughts with a pretty little bow. Fingers crossed until next time.
Title: Evan Elemental
Author: Crystal Groszek
Genre: Paranormal Romance

When a terrible tragedy rips away everything she’s known, seventeen-year-old Evan O'Fion is sure she’s going to lose it. Then a mysterious package arrives and it changes everything. Evan is now the keeper of a power greater than she could have ever imagined and it terrifies her. Will she be able to face her demons and learn to control this new power? Or will darkness consume her?

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