Friday, 30 August 2013

Review: Lily’s Leap - Tea Cooper

Reviewer: Danny
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Fairies

Lily’s Leap was a refreshing, sweet read overall. At the beginning, we are introduced to Lilibeth Dungarven. She is born into a respectful family and bears the burden of running the family business at a young age. Her father is a drunkard who is unable to make wise decisions, so the family name and reputation depend on the Lily's business acumen.

I really enjoyed the landscape, the horses… The scenery was beautiful, the descriptions were sweet and enchanting. Lily’s pain and bitterness were palpable when she talked about Dom. Even though she wasn’t in love with her late husband, she held him in great regard. Honestly at the age that she married him, I understand why theirs was a platonic love and no spark of passion. Lily herself says that they were more friends than lovers. The circumstances surrounding the deaths of Dom and her mother broke my heart. I love how strong Lily is, that side of her character was charismatic and enchanting.

We meet Lily riding on her way to Sidney to make a sale, when her ride is interrupted by Tom and he takes Lily and her horses. What puzzled me throughout the story and made me go back and re-read whole chapters, thinking I might have missed something, was how easygoing Lily was after she was captured. I understand why she allowed herself to be taken hostage in the first place, given the explanation that she doesn’t want the horses hurt, since they are the finest the Dungarven had and cannot be replaced easily. But other than that one escape attempt, she really did not show resistance.

I didn’t feel convinced that Lily and Tom should be together. It felt forced and rushed. Half the time I wasn’t sure what was happening with them, to be honest. The news that Bonnie would marry Will slapped me across the face like a wet mop. It lacks realism: both Lily and Bonnie being kidnapped and falling in love with their captors. Other characters including Lily’s aunt do not seem bothered by the outcome either. The characters, action, and flow combined to make a cute read, albeit, a somewhat confusing one.

Born into privileged society, Lilibeth Dungarven finds herself married, widowed, and much to her distress, back under her father’s rule, all before her twenty-first birthday. But this feisty and independent young woman has a dream: she is determined to breed the perfect racehorse and restore the family’s flagging fortunes. An accomplished rider, she takes matters into her own hands and sets out to restore the Dungarven horse stud to its former glory.
When the devastatingly attractive Captain Tom and his mismatched band of bushrangers stumble across a mob of the best horses they’ve ever seen, and the daughter of the famed Dungarven horse stud, they know their fortunes have changed. Their catch is worth a king’s ransom. Surely it can’t be too difficult to contain this beautiful young woman with violet eyes and skin-tight riding breeches for seven days? 


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