Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Release Day Giveaway & Top 5: Changing Fate - Amy Cox

Happy release day to Amy Cox!
To celebrate, we wanted to get to know Amy better; she awesome has an awesome giveaway for you to enter.

Top Five things most don’t know about me:
5. The Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens is one of my favorites. Though I did fall in love with Kellan Kyle, Griffin is my man! (Ducks and hides because I am starting a riot and I know it…)
4. Some of my best friends live hundreds of miles from me and haven’t seen for years or never met in person at all…yet.
3. I am not scared of much but needles and spiders FREAK me out! My ten year old son is my spider killing super-hero.
2. My Ipod is like an extension of me. It has literally every kind of music and I have a playlist for each book. Sometimes, more than one playlist per book, if necessary. 

1. My go to book series when I am in a slump, because I need a laugh, and she is so much like me but in super human form is… The Chocolate Lover’s Series by Tara Sivec. Her mind lives in the gutter like mine and I love her! I still laugh out loud so hard every time I read them! She says the all the things and then some that I keep inside my head.
What happens when everything you thought felt so right, all of a sudden is all wrong? Rachel loves Tim and she is reminded of that every time she looks at their baby Alyssa. On the morning of their third anniversary, she decides that he doesn't see her anymore and she goes back to St. Louis to help her sister and mother with her ailing father.
Ray Mitchell, sees Rachel and he is drawn to her immediately. Alyssa seems to be icing on the cake for him. When Tim would run the other way from emotion and anything to do with the baby, Ray embraces Rachel and her baby making her feel things she never imagined.
After a tragic car crash Rachel has to step up and make some hard choices and figure out not just what she wants but what she needs.
Changing Fate

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The author is having a HUGE giveaway with 33 winners: everything from signed swag and paperbacks, gift cards to amazon, ebooks and even a Changing Fate t-shirt.

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