Thursday, 4 July 2013

Review: The Story Of My Heart - Margarita Felices

Reviewer: Kay
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
The Story of my Heart is a romance set in a little village in the valleys of Wales and centres around Megan a divorced single mum. The story opens with Megan and her neighbour talking about the impending arrival of the fair and carnival which was last in town 15 years ago. Whilst sitting at the kitchen table, Megan begins to reminisce about the events which occurred 15 years previous when she met a fairground worker called Dave....and that is all I'm going to say about that as I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.  

I can, however, guarantee that at the end of the story you WILL panic and then wail - just like I did. I can't believe Ms Felices did that to me!! You can't leave me hanging like that! I was sucked in good and proper. I was whizzing through the pages; I couldn't get enough and then BAM! It's all over ...NOOOOO! My Kindle almost went flying.  

As always, Ms Felices' writing is impeccable, fluid and totally engrossing. The characters are so real they are practically breathing, and I'm sure at one point, I was more in love with Dave than Megan was. Once again, I applaud Ms Felices on another success! Please please keep the stories coming. I cant wait to read more about Dave and Megan (hint hint) Although this story was short and sweet, I give it a full 5 and totally deserved Bexstars! Keep up the excellent work!
BlurbDo you listen to your head or your heart?

When Megan met Dave, a traveling fairground worker, who knew that she would meet her true love? But Megan was getting married to John soon and he was reliable and had a steady job that meant she could stay in the village. With Dave she’d be traveling around the country like a gypsy and she didn’t think she could do that. But did Megan make the biggest mistake of her life? Now 18 years later he’s back and she’s single, but teaming up with him again might just reveal a surprise.

So now, should she listen to her head or her heart?

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