Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Review: Shifted - Lynn Leite

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
Shifted by Lynn Leite was a fun, highly readable book that I devoured in one sitting.

I love shifter books, and while Shifted wasn't overly hot and smexy, it did have a collection of characters that I soon felt compassion for and wanted to follow. Likewise, the storyline concept was great, and the plot was developed in a way that provided enough depth, detail and intrigue to keep me absorbed and flipping the page.

The author's style was smooth and really easy to follow; this allowed Shifted to be an easy and thoroughly enjoyable read. The author managed to successfully raise my pulse rate with moments of tension, break my heart a little with many tender and upsetting moments, and set the story up beautifully for the next in the series. I will definitely be picking up a copy of book two.

“Today your life will be shifted irrevocably.” Near death, pinned by a crushing weight, Rory Brooks runs her sister Willow’s prediction through her oxygen deprived brain. Willow was always right. Dead is shifted alright. Maverick Cheveyo isn’t in the habit of rescuing humans. This one is different. Without thinking of the repercussions, he saves the small woman and starts a chain of events that will risk his pack, his family, and most of all his heart. Shifted is Book 1 in the Shifted series.

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