Sunday, 14 July 2013

Review: Kaleidoscope World - Tomica Scavina

Reviewer: Natalie
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies

Book in a few words: Intriguing and unique a must read for any thriller or supernatural reader.

One of the most interesting books I've picked up in a while, Kaleidoscope World, is a wonderfully written psychological thriller that will keep you reading to the very last pages; literally. I read it in one sitting because I wanted to know what would happen next. Following Dahlia on her path, you can't help but relate to her in so many ways, whether through her alcohol abusive mother, or her desire to know where she came from. Very well written and structured, this story will dwindle in your mind after you close its pages, least ways it did for me.
A collector of kaleidoscopes and lousy relationships, Dahlia Kasper leaves her possessive alcoholic mother and moves from New York to Barcelona. In search of lost bits of her childhood, she starts living in an apartment where her father was murdered when she was four. As soon as she enters the apartment, strange things begin to happen.

Her favorite kaleidoscope becomes a gateway to another dimension where she encounters a ghost of a famous physicist from the 19th century who tries to persuade her that reality is like a moth-eaten sweater - full of holes. He needs her to help him plug up these holes and save the world from vanishing, while the only thing Dahlia really wants to save is her sanity.

This is just a part of Dahlia's problems. An elderly cello-playing neighbor turns her emotional world upside down and her longing for lost home takes her further than she ever imagined she could go. To collect all the scattered kaleidoscope-bits of her life together, Dahlia needs to go through an intense inner transformation that takes courage and a sharp sense of humor.

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