Monday, 15 July 2013

Review & Giveaway: The Captain's Christmas - Leona Bushman

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
The Captain's Christmas proved to be a sexy, fun and action packed read. What immediately piqued my interest and was definitely an element that I enjoyed was the sci-fi genre that this hot and sexy read falls into. This really helped the book have an original concept.

Bushman successfully weaves a tale of an exciting rescue mission with deception at every turn, and a whole lot of sexiness thrown into the mix. The plot develops at a sound pace with many highs and lows, creating a fast, enjoyable read.

The author's creation of her main character, Captain Faraway Hastings, was particularly successful. She created a strong female lead who I happily cheered for.

A thoroughly enjoyable sexy sci-fi fairies.

While on a rescue mission, Faraway must save her ship from pirates before they destroy her Christmas.

Captain Faraway Hastings sets off on what she thinks is a regular rescue mission, even if it did have the bad timing to be on Christmas. Disparate reports from the medical officer and captain of the downed ship cause her to look more closely at the situation.

Ethan Roarke, lieutenant commander and chief medical officer, is frustrated with the time it's taking for help to come. When he learns that his captain has neglected to inform their rescuers of the dire straits his people are in, he's angry and concerned. But worse, his loyalties are now torn between his captain who lied and the one trying to save them.

When Fara and Ethan meet, the attraction is immediate and strong despite the circumstances. Can Fara and Ethan discover the pirates hidden amongst them before they kill everyone on the ship? Or are they doomed to miss out on their chance of a Merry Christmas?

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