Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Die Laughing - Louis K. Lowy

Reviewer: Kay
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
Die Laughing is a dark comedy sci-fi story set in Las Vegas in 50s America and centres around a stand up comedian called Sam. E Lakeside. Sam has just got the break he's been waiting for, a chance to leave the seedy bars and comedy clubs behind for a booking on the Steve Allen Show. Finally, he's going make it big; that is until a mobster puts a contract out on him for messing with his girlfriend. Just as Sam is digging his own shallow grave in the Nevada desert with a gun aimed at him, the unimaginable happens. Sam, and the would be assassin, Francis, and his tough sexy girlfriend, Cricket, are all abducted by aliens...

Die Laughing is not normally the type of story I go for, but I'm so glad I did. The plot is very well written as are the characters. Each of them very individual and each with their own inner demons. The story moves at a fast pace and has many jokes and quips peppered all the way through it. There are many references to 50s American TV some of which I wasn't familiar with, but that aside, this was a very enjoyable book with underlying messages scattered throughout. Its not often that I comment on book covers, but this one is brilliant! Bright, eye catching and retro, it demands attention; it's one you cannot ignore.

I would definitely recommend Die Laughing; it's fresh and different and a fantastic change to my normal reading list. I was pleasantly surprised with it, and I look forward to reading more from Mr Lowy. I give Die Laughing 5 fantastic Bexstars! A job well done.
If you're a comedian and the world's fate is in your hands, it's no laughing matter. Die Laughing, a humorously dark science-fiction novel, is set in the 1950s of flying saucers, communist paranoia, and live television. Beamed aboard an alien spaceship, Las Vegas funny man Sam E. Lakeside is forced to participate in a plan to rob the earth of its oil. When the shape-shifting aliens and their leader - a power-hungry mobster - murder Sam's best friend and manager, Sam vows revenge. He recruits a blacklisted comic book writer and the mobster's girlfriend, and drags them cross-country to thwart the aliens. Their journey takes them to New York City and The Steve Allen Show, where the key to the alien's conquest lies. Sam, embroiled in an escalating tangle of violence, love, and lies, is forced to choose between what he wants most in the world - to be a star - or the planet's survival.

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