Friday, 5 July 2013

Review: Celtic Fire - Sarah Simpson

Reviewer: Brittany
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies
This book had my feelings all over the place. I just want to scoop poor Audrina up and tell her everything will be okay. That everything will work itself out and that her memories will come back whenever she's ready for them to. I just want to protect the poor girl. I don't care if she is seventeen years old and completely capable of taking care of herself; without her memories she doesn't know it and its only making it harder on her. And as far as Caitlin goes she needs to trust her instincts and not trust that girl. There's something off about her, and I'm excited to see where it's going to take her. Caleb sounds like her protector and now that she's free I hope that she finds him soon.

Now on to part two...

Caitlin is not earning any brownie points from me. And right now, I'm so frustrated with Audrina I wanna shake her. She's being very naive about Caitlin. I've had flag after flag raised when it comes to that girl and I'll be a monkeys uncle if she comes out on the "right" side. And as far as Caleb goes...well...her memory of him being there when she went over that bridge. I sure in the heck didn't see that one coming. WAY outta left field.

And then when it seems like things are only going to get better. Ahha! There you are you sneaky little serpent.... Things are not as they appear to be after-all. Only bad thing was it was way worse than I had anticipated. I feel for her at this point.

As the book winds towards the cliffhanger ending, you are approached with a resolution one would never guess. I honestly thought there would be another chapter, but then there was nothing. It definitely ended the proper way for it to be a series.

The second part was a little jumpy. If you are the type of reader that wants every little detail, it may be a little annoying to you. However jumpy it is though, it doesn't leave you confused by the ending. The only thing I'm confused on is. Who. The. Heck. Is. Audrina. And who can she trust?
Seventeen-year-old, Audrina Delacroix is fighting a battle all her own. After suffering a tragic accident where she was left with amnesia, she is in search of her true identity. Audrina travels a dark and evil path to discovery uncovering answers along the way; deciphering strange dreams about a world she didn’t believe existed – one that includes mysterious creatures of the supernatural world. But who can she trust? Who is she? What is she? Her thirst for revenge blinds her to the dangers that lie in wait; all-consuming revenge against those who stole her life, her identity, and her memory. To save her people from the unknown evil, she must face the truth about her past and her future. She is stunningly beautiful, utterly lethal---and always alone. She will risk everything to save the girls in her dreams, but only on her terms.

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