Saturday, 6 July 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Leona Bushman

I am often asked, how do I get my ideas and had originally intended this guest post to be on that, but, instead, I'm going to talk about what do I do with these ideas...

First, try not to forget them. I know that sounds funny, but it's the hardest part. These ideas will come at me no matter what I'm doing or where I'm at! And usually, the more inconvenient it is, the better the idea! Lordy, it's annoying at times LOL My muse just likes toying with me, methinks.

Next, I need to figure out a way to write them down cohesively. I sometimes would look back on the ideas written down and my mind would go blank. I had NO idea what in the heck.

Then, where did I put them???? Has this one ever gotten me in trouble. LOL I have so many ideas, so many places. I could write the ideas I already have, and have enough material for a decade. At least. And the ideas keep pouring out.
Then, there's finding the time to write. Sigh. Another killer.

All in all, these ideas will swim around in my head, some loud, needing to be written NOW, even if I'm on a deadline for something else. Others, are like crocodiles, waiting in the deep waters, until the time is ripe to strike.

Sometimes, an idea is too complicated for my current ability/mind set. And that is FR-us-TRA-ting. 

So, now, I've got my baby all written up. But. Yes, there's the butt in everything. Now that I have two publishers, one that's romance, one that's everything, I have a place to go to initially, if I want small presses. (Love them by the way. More personal, more one-on-one give and take. But that's a whole other post ;) )

But, before I had this niche, I had years of subbing to agents/publishers. So the big question was, who would like this story? I subbed to many agents who gave me good feedback, and "please send me other work" but didn't take the particular one I sought representation for. That was good because it let me know that a) my queries no longer sucked so bad they didn't read the MS bits asked for, if any, and b) my style had them taking notice and wasn't quite ready.

And that was the kick in the pants I needed. So, despite my home life (er, I have a blog, that for the first bit, did a good job of tracking the road to publication/writing while working/having a family. You can find me at and follow me there), and all the complications, I went on to write over 500k/year for two years. Now, that number is lessened, but that's partly because I'm spending more time editing/publishing/marketing lol So, I'll just learn to deal.

I recommend, that when you have these lovely ideas, you get the writing guide of your choice for the market. Online is a good place to start, but the print books made for this is ideal, and most are broken up into sections for you. Ie, magazines, short stories, etc. And is a good thing to have on hand.

Writing is not a cheap hobby, and it's even more expensive when you shoot to make it a career, or to at least try to make money. There are tools you need to bring your ideas to fruition. Nowadays, you need computer, internet, and Word. You need to teach yourself how to use these things competently. Or take a class. You want those ideas to make it to the publishing venue, even self-publishing, you have to know how to use them. Your word babies, your dreams, your ideas, whatever you do with them, you'll still need the proper tools.

This is not your mother's writing game anymore.

You can't hole up in a closet and only come out for book signings upon new releases, or leave all to an agent. Readers expect you to be involved (again, whole other post, or gazillion posts). So while you're coming up with ideas made of brilliance and awesomesauce, just remember, there's a whole other world out there, if you so choose to share in it.

Just keep the ideas coming. ;)
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