Monday, 1 July 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Leona Bushman

Join us throughout the month of July to discover more about amazing author, Leona Bushman.
Leona will be our feature author all month long, predominantly on Facebook, but she'll also have a weekly blog post dedicated to her.
Be sure to enter the fabulous giveaway too as you get to know Leona Bushman.

Top ten ways I get my ideas:

10. Dream really weird thing and somehow meld them into a story.

9. Research. Be looking up how to clean a cat, and all of the sudden, I have a story about a cat who kills people at the command of a nefarious evil doer. 

8. My life. You would not believe the crazy in my life.

7. Other people's life. You think, geez, if this were a book, I'd do it this way...

6. Politics and religions. Lordy, if you're looking for conflict or "characters" you can sure find some doozies. WBC anyone?

5. Nightmares. These usually produce the best stories. One day, I'll even print them. 

4. Stray bits of hair.

3. The need to exact revenge. Nothing like needing a victim to help make a murder story ;)

2. Eavesdropping. *All writers are now looking guiltily away. You know you've overheard something and said, I want that for my book. Or she'd make a great heroine, or anti-heroine. :D* I may get mobbed by writers everywhere for telling that secret.

1. I have no idea. They poppeth out of the blue, and if I doth not do'ith the proper thing with them, I loseth them. ;)
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  1. I love the stray bits of hair. Yeah, even the simplest items hold clues. Where did the hair come from? Is it unrecognizable and perhaps someone else's or does it show signs of being unhealthy, etc?

    Nice list, Leona.


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