Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review: The Spirit Keepers - J.S Winn

Reviewer: Charlee
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
The Spirit Keeper is an absolutely fantastic, original story, unlike anything I've ever read. Starting a new life in New Mexico, Sandy finds herself miles away, in more ways than one, from her hometown of Philadelphia. Everything is different, from the local's beliefs to the children she teaches. When one of her students, Dixon, is being bullied, Sandy walks him home, and is before long welcomed into the Edakee family, who see her as their Aunt.

As Sandy spends more time with the Edakee's, she discovers that Dixon being bullied is just the tip of the iceberg for this family, who are being terrorised and threatened because the people believe they are witches. Sandy must prove their innocence and find out who is behind these terrible attacks once and for all, before someone is seriously hurt. 

This is a story that will pull at your heart strings many, many times, a tale of loyalty and betrayal, and of course, love. 4 well earned stars.
Can you escape the wrath of the Spirits?

One of Sandy Jacobs' ten year old students and his family are accused of witchcraft. Blamed for the mysterious deaths of two San Anselmo Pueblo children, they're terrorized by "Boogeymen" Kachina. Sandy rushes to their aid, but her actions inflame the perpetrators and arouse the opposition of Native born faculty member, Ben Rush. Sandy and Ben clash over the issue while struggling against the attraction growing between them until the harassment culminates in violence. Together they risk their lives to uncover the truth and, in the process, learn lessons as valuable as any they have taught.

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