Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review: Heart Raider - Sophia Knightly

Reviewer: Justine
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
I am coming to learn that I can depend on Sophia to give me the Classic Contemporary Romances I love! Once again, she proves this true in Heart Raider. Sophia Knightly seems to have an endless imagination that supplies us with storylines that both capture our hearts with true love and teaches us of deceit, heartbreak and forgiveness.

As for the Ending, well it was my favorite kind; A Happy Ending! (Boy you all have filthy minds!) Ms Knightly has a way writing HEAs that leave you sighing with happiness for her characters.

I am giving Sophia Knightly's first installment of the Heartthrob Series a 4 fluttering fairies!
Marooned together on Turquoise Bay, hot passion explodes between two unlikely lovers. 

Intrepid TV reporter Veronique Whitcomb is the last person reclusive billionaire Nick Cameron expects to show up on his doorstep on the eve of Hurricane Abby. All grown up with heart-stopping allure, she is far different from Ronnie, the tomboy he knew fifteen years ago. Enticing as she is, the burnt-out corporate raider just wants to be left alone. After a scandal he was falsely accused of nearly landed him in jail and still reeling from his ex-wife's betrayal, Nick has no intention of falling in love. But keeping Ronnie at arm's length is proving impossible.

When it comes to Nick, Veronique doesn't understand the meaning of "No." He was her childhood crush, the gorgeous summer camp counselor who saved her from herself when she was a rebellious kid coping with an alcoholic, drug-addicted celebrity dad and an emotionally unstable mom. In love with him and unstoppable in her zeal, she is determined to vindicate Nick's name and alert him to criminal activity that if not stopped in time, could destroy him.

As danger and suspense build, Nick must keep the headstrong Ronnie out of harm's way--and out of his heart--but how can he when she has raided his heart in a sweet and spicy way?

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