Monday, 3 June 2013

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Inheritance - S.K. Whiteside

 Today we have great pleasure in spotlighting S.K. Whiteside's pretty phenomenal INHERITANCE.
Enjoy discovering more about this book and the fabulous author. Be sure to enter the INTERNATIONAL signed paperback giveaway too.
“Talk about hell on earth…”

Sekhmet’s life was pretty good; you know for a goddess. Her job was simple – kill those that sought to go against the creator. It was a job she was good at but unfortunately got a little too carried away with when she almost single handedly wiped out mankind. For her penance she has spent the last thousand years serving as one of the Guardians; a group of immortals that protect mankind and led by the Goddess Isis – who kind of had her own anger issues.

The Azura, a league of immortal bad asses, are literally trying to bring hell on earth and with it, Set – the banished God and ruler of the Makhaut. For the first time in history and with the help of the Makhaut, they may actually pull it off. Even the Guardians are at a loss.

In the Hail Mary of all attempts to save the world Isis, now going by Isira, sends Sekhmet to New Orleans, to find and protect the “Key” but when it is determined that a traitor lies among the Guardians, Sekhmet, now going by the name of Syn, is forced to seek help in the most unlikely of places…her least favorite person and fellow Guardian…Malachi.

Author Bio
Writer and lover of all things dark and mysterious. Most of her stories have a background in Egyptian Mythology with a modern day adaptation and unique twist.

S.K. Whiteside is a Mythic Fiction writer of Contemporary Urban & Historical Fantasy. As a full time Mental Health Therapist, she started writing in Academia, but decided writing about things on the "other side of the veil" was a lot more interesting. Living in the Paranormal capital of the world makes it fairly easy for her to come up with characters, many of which are based on of real personas in her life that she can't help but carry over into her writing.
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  1. Where do you find inspiration for your books? Thanks, Amanda Brown

  2. In everything around me. I can overhear a conversation from two strangers and it will completely inspire an entire scene. People and the world are my muses.

  3. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  4. Do you have an rituals to get you ready to write a favorite spot ,drink snack etc?Thank you for this chance to win your book sounds like a great read.Hope you have a wonderful day.

  5. Where is your favorite place to write?


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