Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wicked, Long Birthday Weekend Celebration!

It's official - we're ONE today!
To think a whole year has gone by from when we first opened our blog and Facebook page.
We've have grown and evolved so much.
Starting on my lonesome, after being inspired by Stephanie Rowe's amazing Order of the Blade series, I felt compelled to celebrate authors and to share their amazing work with you. 
With this as my mission, Bex 'n' Books was born.

After a couple of months by myself, review requests coming out of my ears and a growing fanbase, I stalked the amazing Kay G and Tlani in helping out both admining and reviewing for Bex 'n' Books.
While Tlani went to pastures new, Kay, for her sins, stuck around and is still with us today. (Thank you, my beautiful friend.) She is such a wonderful person, and actually a high school friend of mine. Not sure if anyone knew that!
Not long after, I discovered a wonderful talented designer and writer, the gorgeous Danny Rei, of Art is Life.
Danny constantly inspires me and is a steady reminder of why I slug away at Bex 'n' Books. She is unbelievably passionate about the indie community. Her passion is an inspiration. I'm so privileged to have her in my life and as an admin on our page.
We have been lucky enough to have had many different reviewers who have supported us and the authors that we celebrate, including; Julia, Kati, Conygurl, Amber, Emma, DeAnna and Kati. These women have really helped to maintain our page!
Of course, where would I be without my trusty sidekick!? The madness who keeps me sane, the downright quirky that keeps me smiling, and the brutally honest that keeps me in check: Justine.
Justine has been such an invaluable addition to our page. Her daily and slightly obsessive posting on FB have really helped to continue to push Bex 'n' Books to a larger reach and has enabled virtually 24 hour interaction - hurray for different time zones. She is my constant and my rock!
So this is us.
Thank you for following our blog and/or Facebook page, and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share so many great authors with you.
Now it's time to say thank you with our Wicked, Long Birthday Weekend Giveaways!

On our blog we have a long weekend going on right now, until Sunday 12th. We have 16 different author giveaways with 40+ prizes. 
A HUGE THANK YOU to the amazing authors who donated prizes.
Please be sure to show your support and check out these authors' work.
Just click on individual images to discover more!

We also have a giveaway especially for authors going on over at our FB page over the weekend, plus a mystery swag pack. 

And of course we have our Kindle giveaway!
So thank you and enjoy.


  1. Happy Birthday, Congrats on one year!

    1. Thank you. We can't believe the year has past so quickly. :)

  2. Congratulations! and a very Happy Birthday Bex 'n' Books

    1. Thank you so much. We're having a blast on our FB page :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday I hope you have an amazing rest of the week and a super dooper fantastic weekend

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Because Books!

    1. I'm sorry! BEX N BOOKS! Stupid auto correct:-)

    2. Hahaha :) Thank you so much, Karen :)

  6. Happy 1st Birthday!!! Can't believe it - the time has flown by. Hope you have a gigantic cake in your kitchen :D
    Dianna xxx

    1. You know me so well. Any excuse for cake :)
      The year has been so amazing. Thank you for helping with that! :)


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