Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Rescued by the Rancher by Soraya Lane

Rescued by the RancherRescued by the Rancher by Soraya Lane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Reviewer: Bex

Rescued by the Rancher is a sweet contemporary romance. The main characters, Jake and Faith, are likeable characters who are fun to follow.

The storyline was uncomplicated and didn't push forward any of the driving complications. While this was a pity, as there was great potential, it was a nice and easy read.

The story pushed ahead quickly with everything falling into place very neatly. The description at times was lacking, but the author gave us just enough to like the characters and want to cheer for them. 

Can anyone heal this rugged rancher’s broken heart?

Volunteer firefighter Jake McGregor can’t believe it when he arrives to the scene of a burning house, and finds out that someone in his small town has committed arson. When he looks into the frightened eyes of Faith Walker, he can’t imagine who would want to hurt her or her son, so why was the fire intentionally lit?

Faith has only been back in town a week, and already she’s wishing she’d never returned. Until handsome cowboy Jake rescues her and invites her to stay at his ranch, her old home town has been nothing short of unwelcoming. When she was sent away years ago, as a teenager and pregnant, she had hoped to never come back. Her dad turned his back on her, and she'd learned to fend for herself – the hard way.

Jake doesn’t particularly want a woman in his life, but he can’t turn Faith away. He’s been a bachelor since his fiancĂ©e died in a car crash five years before, and that’s how he wants to stay. Even if staying away from Faith starts to feel like the hardest task he’s ever endured…

Can anyone heal this rugged rancher’s broken heart?

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