Monday, 20 May 2013

Review: The Orb of Truth - Brea Wycyoff

Reviewer: Stacey 
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies be perfectly honest, this is not the kind of book I would pick up at the bookstore and choose to take home. But, after saying that I was very surprised!

Brea Wycyoff captured me (in a bazaar way) with this fantasy with a magical twist. The characters range from Wizards, to Dragons, to Halflings and Dwarfs, and that's only mentioning a few! The book entices you and draws you into it's magical world and I lost myself in there a few times. There are times when you feel the heartache and the losses, and then in your next breath, you are on the edge of your seat lost in the action.

The story as a whole is about two Ordiakains and a Dwarf who must embark on one hell of a journey, along with followers who become friends. My favourite character is Dulgin as he is just like me (I am not embarrassed to say so). He allows his mouth to run off without thinking; he will fight tooth and nail for his family and friend;, he would be a force to reckon with if anything got in his way, and on a fun note...he likes his beer. :) I think because I could relate to him, I found myself rooting for him and that carried me quite pleasantly through the book.

The Orb of Truth is full of action, from the battle scene that was mind blowing, to the magical place, Moonlight Mountain, that just entices you.

Will good overcome evil?
Will Bridazak ordain and Dulgin be triumphant?
Will they find the key to unlock the box?
Will they defeat King Mannaseh and his army?

I would definitely recommend this book, perfect for teenagers and young adults. The creative writing and mind-boggling storyline captures you and takes you on a magical, mystical journey.

I give The Orb of Truth 4 Fairies! Well done Brea Wycyoff...I can't wait for the next book!

In the hundreds of years since the Holy City disappeared, darkness has fallen over the land. Human kingdoms have seized control of the realm, scattering the other races into hiding.

Bridazak, a skilled thief, and his friends, a Dwarf and a fellow Ordakian, have dared to remain within the human communities and live relatively quiet lives, until they discover a mysterious, magical artifact. The three friends are thrust into an adventure that will challenge their faith, their purpose, and their destiny as they chase a forgotten and lost prophecy across the realm of Ruauck-El, where they hope to discover the origins of the strange item and their place in its history.

An ancient, unknown enemy threatens the completion of their journey at every turn. Bridazak is about to face the biggest adventure of his life, one that may change the known realm, and answer the questions he has carried all his life. Will they unlock the truth?


  1. Thank you for your wonderful review!
    Brae Wyckoff

  2. Our pleasure. Stacey did a wonderful job in her review and clearly thoroughly enjoyed your work. Have a happy week. Bex


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