Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Demon Apocalypse (#3 Oceans of Red) by Willow Cross

Oceans of Red Volume Three- Demon Apocalypse by Willow Cross
Bex's rating: 5 of 5 Fairies 

Remy totally won me over in Willow Cross's latest installment of Oceans of Red. Part one was fabulous - 5 stars, book two was a solid 4, but by far book three is my favourite to date.

I love the way Remy's character is developing and advancing. She seems finally at grips with her mission and new powers so much so that she is easy admire and follow. Willow Cross has truly mastered this installment. She successfully weaved and developed both the plot and the characters in such a way that leaves so much possibility for this series. I have so many predictions running around in my head. I just hope that with some of them I am wrong.

The inclusion of Ryan is fabulous. I really enjoyed his down to earth character and his no-nonsense attitude. The dynamics between Remy and him are superb to read. I laughed out loud at their very 'normal' antics and often found myself with a wide grin, followed by white knuckles at dramatic and tense moments.

We don't see as much of Remy's siblings in part three. While I love their characters, it was nice to be able to focus on Remy more.

A truly impressive installment from Willow Cross.
When Remy and her team stormed Lilith’s compound, she revealed herself as The Chosen One. Now, Lilith has pooled every available resource to find her and will not stop until Remy, and all who follow her, meet a gruesome death.

In a race against time, the siblings must escape L.A. and Lilith’s wrath. Remy knows death knocks at her door and is ready to answer, but what price will she pay for accepting her destiny?

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