Thursday, 16 May 2013

Review: Deceiving Destiny (#2 Bleeding Hearts) by Nadège Richards

Reviewer: Kay
Rating: 5 out of 5 Fairies

Deceiving Destiny is the second installment from The Bleeding Heart Trilogy. After reading Burning Bridges, I was left desperate for more, and Ms Richards did not disappoint.

Deceiving Destiny picks up right where Burning Bridges left off, and the transition is seamless. There's nothing worse than a sequel that spends half the book going over something I already know, and thankfully Ms Richards spares us this tiresome task. Almost instantly, I was immersed back in the lives and the journey of Echo and Ayden who are not just fighting for their own lives but for that of their friends and families. Echo has now grown into the role of princess, although she does not see herself that way, but she has accepted that others do. Echo is stronger than when we first met her. The people now look to her as a source of reassurance and guidance, and she lives up to this. I really wanted to see how the romantic relationship between Echo and Ayden was progressing. I love this aspect of the story.

I feel Ms Richards writing has matured along with her characters. I really enjoy the style of her writing; she gives just enough description that fires your imagination. Ms Richards does not insult the reader with unnecessary words and long winded descriptions nor does she pad out her stories, but instead, she makes every word count. When you purchase a Nadege Richards book, you know two things; firstly you're in for an excellent read and secondly you get complete value for money. The only bad thing is that I got through Deceiving Destiny so quickly that I have a long wait for the third installment Fleeting Fires, and I cant wait!

I give this book a full and well deserved 5 Bexstars! Well done Ms Richards another triumph!

When your destiny lies in the hands of your enemy, there’s only one thing you won’t do to save the ones you love...

Now free from the walls that confine New Haven, the place she had once believed to be her home, Echo must find a way to put an end to a war only she has the power to stop. She has yet to discover her true abilities as a hybrid leader, but what happens when the dreams that plague her become something more? Someone more? In the midst of exploring her love for Ayden and venturing through forbidden lands for a key that will explain everything, Echo finds Kahl—the boy that haunts her in her sleep, yet has the hidden answers she seeks. And Echo will do just about anything to get them.

In the second installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, relationships are put to the test, dreams become desires, and ultimately one girl will discover her purpose in a promised legend written in stone.

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