Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review: Daughter of Night by Kelley Heckart

Reviewer: Stacey
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
Daughter of Night is a fantastic tale depicting the story of a Vengeance Goddess sent by her master to find the whereabouts of Star Metal, a rare metal which is the only one in the world able to defeat the Gods. Arriving in Knossos posing as a slave, Becuille, the Vengeance Goddess, must find the precious metal and find and kill the only other person who knows of it's existence. But as Becuille begins her mission, she is welcomed into the Royal Family by all, and even falls for one of the Princes. 
Can Becuille betray her new family? And how will the Royals react when they discover her true intentions? 

Becuille battles through loneliness, love, betrayal and distrust and finds herself facing the worst feeling in the world- grief.

Initially, this book was very hard to get into. With unusual names for everyone and everything, it started out as being a chore to read. Once you get used to the writing style though, the story drags you in so much that you can see everything happening in your head as you read it. All in all, a thoroughly well-written story that I would recommend to everyone. A well deserved 4 stars.
Their destiny began in the ancient land of Anatolia. 

In 1326 BC, Crete is the last remaining sacred place for the Great Goddess, but changes began to threaten the old gods, the Titans. Forced to become an ally to the power hungry Olympian gods, Rhea hangs on to the secret of the star metal, the one key that would make Zeus and the other young gods invincible. When this secret is stolen, Rhea must find the Dactyl and the goddess who betrayed Her before Zeus does.

Becuille is a daughter of Night, a servant of the Great Goddess created to impart Her vengeance on mortal and immortal wrongdoers. Made mortal by Rhea, she is sent to find the ones who betrayed the Great Goddess. In the land of Hatti, she meets a proud and handsome prince. When love binds her to him, her loyalties are torn.

Callileon, a prince of the Hatti, has closed off his heart to love only to rediscover it in the arms of the mysterious and fiery slave girl he has purchased. He is caught up in a dangerous world of power hungry gods, jealous goddesses and potent magic, which even the Fates cannot steer him away from.

Can two mortals fight the will of the gods?

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