Saturday, 4 May 2013

Review: Cry of the Wolf (Eye of the Storm #2) by Dianna Hardy

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Fairies

Dianna Hardy's second installment in her fabulous 'Eye of the Storm' series has grown in action and character development. Whilst I really enjoyed book one, Releasing the Wolf, Cry Of The Wolf has taken this series to a whole new level.

The main characters have been crafted and developed in a fascinating and gripping way, with the plot offering creative twists and fast paced action. Even before we get to the hotness of the characters and the steamy scenes, Cry of the Wolf already hits the fabulous 4.5 rating with the strong narrative and intriguing character interaction.

The author, Dianna Hardy, has certainly advanced the depth of her characters creating a werewolf series that is certainly becoming a favourite werewolf series of mine.

If you've yet to read book one, Releasing the Wolf, be sure to devour it before you get to book two. An impressive series filled with heat that will have you melting, characters that will have you swooning and a storyline that will keep you gripped. 

Goodreads Synopsis
The full moon is a week away, and although Lydia is as excited as it gets to run as a wolf for the first time, she is also fighting to keep her independence while trying to understand her role in the lives of the three males that have come to rule hers: compassionate, tender Taylor; impetuous, fun-loving Ryan and distant, cold Lawrence.

There's also a fourth man in Lydia's life. Brendan, her previous "friend with benefits", is tirelessly searching for her. He's about to uncover things that should be kept hidden.

However, the testosterone surrounding her is the last thing she should be worrying about. Her family bear truths about her heritage she's not ready to face ... she may not have a choice, because the greatest danger to them all comes from within. The past never stays buried for long, and among the shadows of their species it is rising with a vengeance, threatening to tear their pack apart for good.

Notes: Book two of a series - it is highly recommended that book one be read first. This is an adult, paranormal fantasy short novel (over 55,000 words) containing scenes of explicit sexual content and some violence, entwined with romantic elements. (Written in British English.)


Be sure to check out our review for book one: 

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