Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Crimson Vol 1 - Anthology

Reviewer: Stacey
Rating: 4 out of 5 Fairies
Crimson is a book with several short stories that leave you with the taste of blood on your lips and the need for more, as one bite isn't quite enough.
If you like vampires, like me, then you will find this book "Blood Curdling Good!"

Blood Trails - Sax Alexander
When two people decide to meet on a blind date after meeting on a it just luck that they are matched or is it something more? Was destiny the cause of their introduction and will this be the final bite?

I loved this was easy to follow and it kept me guessing...but I needed more.

Daryn's Slayer - Leona Bushman
A vampire who has been around for centuries and a slayer who is more than she seems!
There is an attraction that overwhelms her, can she fight this or will she give in to his charm and his bite? Is it possible that a vampire and a slayer can have a happy ever after?

This was a great short story. It had me on the edge of my seat with the "what ifs" and the "should they, could they?"

Blood Vixen - Amanda R Browning
A "Vamp Tramp" that offers more than just pleasure, whether being paid or doing what comes naturally...clients want her service, they need it, but where can this lead?

Another good short story that allowed my mind to run wild with possibilities.

The Chalice and Elsie - Phong Chau
What happens when you are kissed, a kiss that is mind blowing and it quickly becomes an addiction? What happens when you discover that the kiss has come from a vampire that you need more than life itself?

Loved this story, it was easy to follow, but I was left wanting more!

Monster Bash - Louise Hooker
Playing like you've never played before when you see a man that you want! Could there be more to this...a date? Or just a feed? Who will leave needing and wanting more?

I adored this story. I really wanted to be in this book and playing the game along with the characters.

Blood Orange - Persephone Jones
What do you do when your body wants what it shouldn't and when a neighbour seems to be more than they should be? Will Audra see through this and just enjoy the experience?

A gripping story. I couldn't read fast enough, I couldn't wait to find out what happens and what the outcome would be.

Serge's Gift - D C Story
Here we have two friends, with two completely different lives, two outcomes to bad news, but with only one solution! Serge will be happy with love, with life and feel that attraction. But some things were never expressed, leaving an ending that could be eternal.

This blew me away. It was heartbreaking, yet heart warming. I wanted more and was left in shock when it finished.

Graveyard Games - Brantwijin Serrah
Kyle is a girl that knows what she wants...or at least she thinks she does! A need for what everyone is talking about...A Club...Tessa...a game...or is it? Will Kyle get what she wanted or will Tessa get more than she bargained for?

This book had several twists. It was a very well written mystery...I really enjoyed it.

In Cover Darkness - L B ShireLooking for what you need? Well looks can be deceptive! Cowboy boots and fangs? Seri is holding out for a hero, but where will that get her?

The story was well written, but I found it to be an easy read, nothing really to think about.

Hunting Games - Brantwijin Serrah
When we already have what we've always wanted...what is there left to do? The Hunt...sweet as!

WOW! I didn't want this book to end! I was drawn in from the very beginning. This should definitely be expanded into a novel! Sweet as! :)
Dark, sexy, delectable reads await. Join us as ten stories seduce, suck, and ensnare your body and soul with tales of vampires in this anthology.

Blood Trail by Sax Alexander ~ A blind date between Alec and William becomes more than either bargained for.
Daryn's Slayer by Leona Bushman ~ Can a vampire and a slayer fight their attraction?
Blood Vixen by Amanda R Browning ~ Villette loves to escort her clients to the edge.
The Chalice and Elise by Phong Chau ~ Elise finds out the kiss of a vampire can be so addictive.
Monster Bash by Louise Hooker ~ Breaking in a new vampire never felt so good.
Blood Oranges by Persephone Jones ~ Can Audra give her new neighbor everything he craves?
Serge's Gift by DC Juris ~ Sometimes you have to be willing to do anything to save those you love.
Graveyard Games by Brantwijn Serrah ~ Kylie just wants to feel good...and Tessa knows how to give her what she wants.
In the Cover of Darkness by L.B. Shire ~ Seri needs a hero, and this one comes with cowboy boots and fangs.
Hunting Grounds by Brantwijn Serrah ~ For some, the hunt is as sweet as candy.

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