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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Beyond The Edge by Kallysten

Beyond The Edge 
Blurb: As Brett Andrews, owner of the famous club On The Edge, reaches the big ‘four-O,’ he has one request and one question for his two vampire lovers, Leo and Lisa: he doesn’t want them to organize any sort of celebration for him – but he does want to know why neither of them has ever mentioned the possibility of turning him into a vampire. 

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The question finds an answer, and the three of them share a promise for the year to come. His request, on the other hand, is doomed from the start as they already have plans for the big day: they have a gift for him to match presents he offered each of them, and the party they planned with help from a couple of friends promises to be something special.   

Vampire Anando and his human lover Virginia met at On The Edge. They are friends and occasional lovers of Leo, Brett and Lisa. When asked, they gladly accept to host the big-bash birthday party – and the private after-party, too. A good time is had by all, but the last gift is only revealed a few weeks later, to be delivered after nine months.

With both humans in love with vampires, neither expected a child in their future. As for the vampires, they knew for a fact that they’d never become parents. For all five, once the first shock has passed, decisions have to be made. Will this new adventure strengthen bonds of love and friendship, or will it tear lives apart? 

The house was immaculate, every surface scrubbed, vacuumed, shined, or polished. Large daisies and tea-light candles floated in glass containers strewn throughout the foyer and living room, forming a path to the French windows that opened onto the backyard.

Outside, the same theme continued with larger candles lining the edges of the pool and tall tiki torches set around the yard. Candles and torches were ready to be lit when the guests were set to arrive.

It was strange, Virginia thought, part amused and part panicked, as she checked one last time that everything looked perfect. She hadn’t been quite as picky for her own moving-in party, when the guests she expected were her friends and Anando’s. Of the thirty plus people who were coming that night, she and Anando only knew three: the guest of honor and his two partners.

“What are you so anxious about?” Anando asked, coming from behind her to encircle her waist with both arms.

She turned in his embrace and rested her hands on his shoulders. “I’m not anxious.”

Anando didn’t say anything. He raised an eyebrow and lifted one of his hands to touch his own nose with a finger. Virginia grimaced.

“Not fair,” she protested. “Do I go around and sniff you?”

She pressed her face to his neck and snuffled, causing him to laugh.

“You’re welcome to it if you want,” he said in a rumbling voice. “But I doubt you’ll smell anything more than desire.”

She flicked her tongue against the faded marks on his throat so she would feel him shudder against her.

“What does desire smell like?” she asked.

“From a man, it’s mostly musk. Kinda sharp. Overpowering.”

His hands slipped over to Virginia’s ass and pressed her closer to him. She could feel the hard length of his cock against her hip and bit her bottom lip not to moan.

“From a woman,” he continued, lower now, whispering right into the shell of her ear, his lips caressing the outer edge with every word, “it’s sweeter. Subtler. The difference between aged whiskey and fine champagne.”

Virginia’s eyes had fluttered closed. They reopened in a flash, and she jerked away from Anando.

“Champagne! Did we—”

“Put it on ice?” Anando finished for her, a smile curling his lips. “Yes. The canap├ęs and cake are in the fridge. There’s enough blood for all vampire guests. Everything’s ready. Why are you so worried about it?”

Virginia lifted one shoulder in a small shrug. “I’m not worried,” she said again. “But it’s a lot of people. I want everything to be perfect.”

Anando considered her. “You do, hmm? How come? It’s not even your party.”

“Especially because it’s not our party. Our friends trusted us to make tonight special. Do you want to disappoint them?”

Anando’s laugh was deeper this time, rumbling like thunder in the distance. It slinked beneath Virginia’s skin and raised goose bumps over her arms.

“I have a feeling it would take a lot for them to be disappointed. Unless you changed your mind?”

One day, Virginia would stop blushing for the smallest reasons; that day obviously had not come yet, because she could feel her face heating up. Anando responded, as he so often did, by pressing the back of his fingers to her cheek, where they felt so nicely cool.

“I haven’t,” she said. “But for all we know Brett won’t want that.”

Incredulity widened Anando’s eyes. Unable to suppress a grin, Virginia conceded the point.

“All right. He will. We all do. But that doesn’t change the fact that Brett should have a nice birthday party.”

“And he’s going to.”

Anando’s fingers glided down her arm, ending at her hand. He took it and wove their fingers together.

“But you know what? The guests aren’t supposed to arrive for another four hours, everything is ready, and I hate to see you so tense.” His smile always left her a little weak in the knees. “I think you need a distraction.”

She couldn’t help but grin when he tugged on her hand and led her to the bedroom. She had a good idea what kind of distraction he had in mind, and he was right that it would help her relax before the party started.

Just being in the bedroom, surrounded by familiar colors and textures, with the smell of the flowers Anando had delivered every week without fail, calmed her nerves. Her heartbeat jumped again when Anando took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head.

“Mmm, pretty,” he purred. Taking her hand, he raised it over her head and made her spin around for him before letting go again. “Really, really pretty.”

Virginia chuckled. Since moving in with Anando, she had retired most of her ‘plain’ underwear pieces, replacing them with nicer ensembles. This one was white satin with hints of black lace. The bra pushed her breasts together, enhancing her cleavage, while the panties were minimal, to say the least.

“You’re acting like you’ve never seen it before,” she teased as she reached for the buttons of his shirt.

Anando captured both her hands, raising them on either side of her. “The problem is, I always get these things off you too fast. I should take my time and admire first.”

She tried to free her hands and pouted at him when he wouldn’t let go. “How about me? Can’t I admire?”

“Plenty of time for that later,” he assured her with a wicked smile. “For now, it’s about helping you relax, remember?”

Curious about what he had in mind if not the obvious, Virginia allowed him to remove the last of her clothes without attempting to return the favor anymore. He drew the comforter down, folding it at the foot of the bed, and briefly went into the bathroom to grab a bath towel.

She watched as he folded it in two and set it in the center of the bed. He held her hand as she climbed in, and directed her to lie down on her stomach on the towel. He didn’t join her on the bed, and instead lit a few candles around the room before dimming the lights to their lowest setting.

Was he going to light one of the thick candles they sometimes played with? She had once feared the feel of molten wax striking her skin, but he had long ago taught her to enjoy it. It hardly seemed like a good way to relax, however.

“Close your eyes,” he said even as he turned on soft, slow instrumental music. “Breathe deeply. Try to relax.”

It was easier said than done.

Virginia did close her eyes, and she took long, deep breaths as he had suggested, but how could she relax when she could hear him moving about the room and—yes, that small squeak was the familiar and always thrilling sound of the toy box being opened. One of the hinges always creaked a little.

What was Anando pulling from the box? What did he have in his hands as he walked back to her?

It took all of Virginia’s self control not to peek.

His steps slowly returned toward the bed—no, not the bed yet, the bedside table. He opened the drawer, and this time she was rather certain what he pulled out of it: lube. Anticipation curled her toes, and she pressed her thighs closer together before relaxing again.

Rustling fabric and the metallic sound of a zipper being pulled down told her Anando was undressing. She hid her smile inside the crook of her arm and waited, impatience thrumming through her along with her heartbeat.

The first touch of Anando’s fingers on her skin seemed to take forever, and even then it was a simple touch to her ankle as he murmured, “Spread your legs for me, Virginia dear.”

She did as he asked. The mattress dipped as he knelt between her legs. She could feel his knees against the inside of her thighs and closed her legs ever so slightly to accentuate the contact. Was he watching her?

She couldn’t help but shift a little at the thought, imagining how she must look to him from his position. She had no secrets for him, and he had seen, stroked, and licked every last inch of her body, but some stubborn remnant of modesty made her face warm up at the idea of being so fully open and exposed.

Anando clucked his tongue. “You’re supposed to relax, remember?”

She all but jumped when he caressed her left leg from knee to thigh with ever so soft fingers, then gasped when, without warning, something liquid and cool dripped onto her, trickling down her spine to pool at the small of her back.

It felt slick and she could catch a faint, flowery smell. She’d thought they were out of massage oil, but it seemed Anando had replenished their stock. She sighed deeply, knowing what was to come.

One single finger swirled through the small pool of oil, drawing circles on her skin.

“Sweet, sweet Virginia,” Anando murmured. “Always so warm.”

That same finger traveled up her spine, leaving a wet trail in its wake, then sank back down into the oil before continuing downward between her cheeks and to her puckered opening. She shivered when Anando circled her entrance, his touch light as air.

Without truly realizing what she was doing, she pushed her ass up toward him. Anando’s chuckle, deep and low, sank underneath Virginia’s skin and down to the very core of her.

“Something you want, Virginia dear?”

“I thought you wanted to help me relax,” she said, her words ending with a tiny whimper when, rather than pushing inside her, Anando’s finger retreated. Both his hands were off her now, and oh, how she missed them already!

“True,” he mused, “but there are a few ways I could do that.” A small snick punctuated his words, and that, she was sure, was the lube. Wasn’t it?

She remained very still, holding her breath, straining her ears as she tried to figure out what he was doing. Maybe a little peek…
Author Bio
Kallysten’s most exciting accomplishment to date was to cross a few thousand miles and an ocean to pursue (and catch!) the love of her life. She has been writing for over fifteen years, and always enjoyed sharing her stories and listening to the readers' reactions. After playing with science fiction, short stories and poetry, she is now trying her hand, heart and words at paranormal romance novels.

To see her other stories, including free short stories and sample chapters, visit

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