Sunday, 7 April 2013

Review: Deep into the Soul by J.L Vallance

Reviewer: Bex
Rating: 4 out of 5 fabulous fairies

Deep into the Soul by J.L Vallance is a refreshing paranormal romance/ urban fantasy. The author has successful created a story for a strong female lead filled with sarcasm, intelligence and an opinion. Vivienne is definitely a character who I easily responded and related to.

What was equally refreshing about the main protagonist, was that she wasn't a teenager. Yes readers, Vivienne is a thirty year old woman! Break through! The author develops the main character in interesting ways; as a result, we are left with a story that kept me engaged and actively rooting for her success.

Teamed with a dreamy hero, Calum, the story allows room for a romance without holding the action of the story or Vivienne's strength to ransom. There are elements of the story that are fairly original, while other aspects are clearly rooted into more traditional elements of this genre.

J.L Vallance includes lots of tension and suspense, and generally holds enough back from the reader to keep us on our toes. As for the ending, there's an almighty cliffhanger that left me eager for more.

Deep into the Soul is a thoroughly enjoyable read, that left me feeling satisfied. Ideal for 'new' adults/mature teenagers plus. 

Goodreads Synopsis
At age sixteen, Vivienne Drake’s life completely changed in one devastating moment with the murder of her mother. Now at age thirty, she continues to struggle with the aftermath of that day and the nightmares that began to haunt her following it- nightmares where she is forced to watch the torture and murder of a new victim, all while she endures their pain and terror; prisoner to her own subconscious.
Her life becomes more complicated after meeting the mysterious Calum McCort and learning of a world she’d never imagined existed; a world of Daemonium, Guardians, Lucifer, and The Guild. Not to mention Aedan, Lord of the Daemonium who’s on a mission to abduct her.
Now she’s running from demons she never knew she had, hiding from demons she never knew existed, and searching for the answers to her mother’s past to find the key to her future.
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