Monday, 1 April 2013

MEGA Giveaway with RM Gilmore

I am a HUGE RM Gilmore fan. It's no secret. I'm so happy to promote RM's latest giveaway. Why? Because not only is her writing fabulous, she's a pretty awesome Chicka and REVIEWS are so bloody important.
Just look at the review amount below. *Grumble* I know so many more people have read this book and would love it if you could write an HONEST review. That's right! I'm not asking you to gush - unless you want to - just be honest.
 What's more the frigging awesome RM is even holding a giveaway for every review you write and upload. 
Upload your review to Amazon, B&N, your blog or GR...all of them! Every time you do, you get additional entries. Cool huh!
So please my fabulous fairies, if you've read it - review it!
So please support this fabulous author, my friend RM Gilmore.
Lovely Links 
The Author 

Living in the dead center of California, R.M. Gilmore writes mystery

thrillers with a supernatural twist.

Drawing from people and places in her life, she brings us the irreverent character Dylan Hart, the Dylan Hart Odyssey of the Occult series, and sweet Lynnie Russell, the Lynnie Russell Trilogy.

Gilmore has contributed to numerous anthologies, as well as, short story and stand-alone works-in-progress.

Gilmore also creates original artworks in various mediums including paint and clay. Her home is filled with eclectic music memorabilia, horror flicks, and droves of complete Lego sets. R.M. shares a home with her husband, kids, and more than thirty animals including a Labrador, frilled dragon, and gargoyle geckos. 

When she's not insane with writing, household junk, and animal care, she loves to watch movies, digs detective shows, and imbibes more than one person should.

R.M. Gilmore lives to laugh and will likely die laughing. 


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